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Covid And Montezuma County

BY Tiffany Gray

**I wrote a form of this letter Sept. 20th and sent it to the BOCC, as the Board Of Health. I have modified it for this.**

In listening to updates from Gov. Polis on the Covid response to the Delta variant, mention was made that the state would offer $25.00 Gift Cards for any student that chose to be tested weekly. Is this to bolster the positive results? As we know, not all tests are accurate and many false positives have been reported. They have had plans in motion, through state and Federal funding, to allow “Vaccine” clinics into schools in Colorado. In his 10-13-2021 update, Gov. Polis and the two accompanying doctors who were speaking, said we can expect to see them soon across our state, as well as the “ vaccine” for children ages 5-11. (This was prior to the FDA's approval which is expected 11-4 through 11-6.) Under HIPAA Laws, will parents have a say in their juvenile's decisions?

There are funds available through both state and federal agencies to encourage doctor offices to administer the vaccine at no cost. This action seems to encourage people to opt out of personal medical choice. I have seen this first hand, locally, as I have a Medical Power of Attorney. The statement was used in the Governor's update (occuring approximately in the month of September), “This is another weapon, let’s use it.” MSNBC reported that the White House had stated, ahead of FDA approval, that they would begin booster shots Sept. 20th. On October 13, it was confirmed that people in Colorado, were receiving the booster shot with out either of the other shots. Prior use of the vaccine was listed as only “Emergency Use Authorization.” 3 people in 10 said that they would be more likely to get it, if it was FDA approved, and "BAM!", the Pfizer vaccine was approved. Moderna is next to be approved and that vaccine is about 30 days out. Let us remind ourselves of history.

The Spanish Flu of 1918 killed a total of 675,00 Americans and 50 million people world wide. Masks had to be worn then and they did not work.

Wikipedia reports that around 650,00 people a year die from the seasonal Flu. (386,000 this year.)

World-Odometers: HIV has killed 1,315,392 to date since 1981.

Live-Science: Swine Flu (2009-2010) across the globe, 1.4 billion infected with between 151,700 and 575,400 people killed.

Lives-Science: Ebola has been documented since (2014-2016.) Scientists are still working on a vaccine. ( But a Covid Vaccine was developed in less then a year?)

Do the math. Covid has a 99.98% survival rate.

o Vaccine buses have been funded to give out the jab, offering rewards of $100 gift cards to Walmart. You will find one in Cortez at the Recreation Center. It is a green, traveling bus, with none other than Gov. Polis’s name displayed on the front bumper. US News: Gov. Ron DeSantis ( Florida) signed a bill that will start issuing $5,000 fines for businesses, schools, and government agencies that require COVID vaccine cards. Would our BOCC ( Board of County Commissioners) implement a Resolution to do the same for Montezuma County? My question is: are you ready for the battle? The time is upon us. We must act NOW. Our local health care providers and officials are being pushed out of their jobs for making personal medical choices, regardless if they already have the COVID antibodies. This is unconstitutional for any American. Yet our borders are open with no documentation! What happened to the slogan and idea of, “ My body, My Choice? “ Is our health care system ready for or capable of losing not only our skilled healthcare workers but our mental health care workers? Is our district, county and state capable of handling the loss of workers and teachers? This is what is happening across our nation and is now upon us. What support can we as a community give to forward thinking actions to preserve the jobs and livelihoods, not to mention the unalienable rights of our Constitutional rights that were bought and paid for in blood? These rights were not given to us by our Government, so therefore, they can not be taken away by our Government. Will we, as representatives of our community, children, and those at risk, take action? (It is not like there are lines of people to hire; let alone those that are willing to give up personal medical choices for their own bodies. ) We all deserve sovereignty of our bodies and for those people who we are entrusted to care for. Please do not underestimate the leadership in our community.

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It is a statement on the hypocrisy of Marxists when they praise the healthcare community who worked in many life threatening situations since the beginning of the pandemic and now demonize the same communities for not getting the "so called" vaccines (gene therapy).

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