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County Commissioners Workshop And Axix For November 8, 2021

By Tiffany Gray

Workshop meeting for our Board of County Commissioners , Monday , November the 8th.

The commissioners will address Axis with our community concerns. This how you can have your voice heard.

Email the BOCC and or the County Administrator before Monday morning with your concerns, and suggested solutions. They will be then be brought to Axis with potential solutions being voiced and addressed.

Axis cannot respond about any specific case. So please do not include a specific case, as they will not be able to respond. This is a state statute. This a great opportunity to have community concerns brought forward, and a chance to help build solutions that make sense for our area.

The workshops are not set up like a regular meeting. You can attend in person, but there is no allotted time for public comment. So please send in your emails!!

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