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Conclusion - In The Eyes Of God With Dr. Nichole Belland

"We're running out of time - pick your side, take your stand, run with it, and have faith in God."

By Sherry Simmons

In part 2 we covered numerous topics including, the time frame of when the vaccine arrived, no information for informed consent, the vaccine protocol, and Dr. Belland quitting her job/career. The article/interview also included, the research into the vaccine, big pharma’s role in medicine, a bit of what she referred to as a professional grief cycle, her seeing the power of fear pushed on humanity, and how there are certain players who know exactly what they are doing.

Dr. Belland:

"I do think there are certain players that know full well what they are doing, and I don’t believe your typical primary provider, your family practice physician, your local pharmacists....I don’t believe they are conscientiously hurting people."

We asked Dr. Belland, "if she had any conversations with anyone in Cortez on a professional level that aligned with her opinion? "

“A third party told me of a person that gives the shots, won’t get it himself. He's of the mindset, if they insist on it, I'm giving it. Because he absolutely won’t personally get the shot, he must know something is up. He’s the only person I’m aware of; It does beg the question though, why are hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers unwilling to get this jab themselves?

I'm on the opposite side of the fence from many giving this shot. I understand that. All I can say, is that I saw what I saw and can’t un-see it."

Dr. Belland had told us earlier in the interview that she had seen problems with the vaccine among her own patients and even death. We asked her if that was very early on in the beginning of the vaccine roll out?

"Yes, but up until mid-June (when I went on leave), I still saw heart attacks and other vaccine injuries. Sometimes the first clue was a prescription sent in for blood thinners, because the patient had a heart attack, or stroke. Sometimes the patient would be the one to tell you - yes, this happened after I had the shot. It all depends on the patient’s mindset. If the physician tells them it wasn’t related, it’s very likely the patient will accept and believe that. I would probably believe my provider too - why wouldn’t I? There are very competent docs in this town and we all are just trying to do our best. I, myself, didn’t question any of these cases until I saw a few of them one after the other. I saw the pattern of these patients post-shot to hospital time. Stepping out of my specific situation, it makes me wonder, collectively through this small little town, how many people had similar cardiac or stroke events? I feel very confident that I saw 12 patients myself. Well, doing math, it seems like there has to be quite a few more (given that there are four more pharmacies in Cortez.) In fact, I have had several locals reach out to me to share their own stories since I left my job. Right now, I just cannot rally behind this shot in terms of safety. Currently, we are seeing cases of myocarditis, pericarditis - both of which are being reported now with more regularity. These injuries are no longer considered a “rare” occurrence in the opinion of many researchers and providers closely watching available data. Although I have seen articles that state these cases are mild, I strongly maintain that there is no such thing as mild heart damage. These men won’t ever have their baseline heart health back. At best, they will likely be long-term consumers of prescription medications for their condition. Unfortunately, more cases of injury have been reported amongst the teenage and young men group as of late and I will be watching closely what effects these shots will have on the even younger kids."


She, then, explained her concerns.

“I’m unsure as to why the case reports of vaccination injuries have been slow to surface, these concerns were raised months ago in other parts of the world. It is ultimately the reason I felt forced to take leave - because I didn’t want to give a young 20-something guy this shot and I politely refused to give it. I had his health in mind at the time but the data wasn’t really out yet to support what I was saying.”

“To that end, I have also had concerns due to my own health battles this last couple years. I’ve had an elevated d-dimer, which is a test for blood clots, basically. I’ve had three separate elevated d-dimer’s over the last year and a half. The same experience is happening with some vaccinated as well. My educated guess is that most jabbed patients probably have an elevated d-dimer and just don’t know it. We now know that the Spike Protein is a toxin and is what causes damage to the endothelial lining of our blood vessels. Micro-clotting is a very real effect from Covid as well as from the shot. Of course it’s concerning to me, I have daily headaches, random nose bleeds, excessive bruising, chronic consistent fast heart rate and increased blood pressure. I also have had an MRI, CT-scans, and an ultrasound that all come back unremarkable."

Not fully understanding Dr. Belland’s statements, we asked her if she had taken the vaccine?

"No, I've been exposed to the virus, I’ve been exposed to people who are vaccinated, and yes this whole idea of shedding of spike proteins is real. Not to mention, I have my own concerns about drawing up these doses in the beginning, because within the published Pfizer trial data, they discuss occupational exposure and that it should be reported."

I responded to Dr. Bellands' statement, “that’s very terrifying!"

"Yes it is, I mean how fully vaccinated am I, more that the normal person? I am not sure.

I literally have so much time into understanding the effects of this new mRNA technology, yet more questions surface than those that are answered. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, Covid recovered patients that have an acquired natural defense against the virus - all were excluded from the formal studies. There are no clinical studies performed by the manufacturers to justify giving the shot with other vaccines such as the annual flu shot. There is so much we don’t know; yet our own CDC says all these scenarios are a green light to receive this new technology."

Dr. Belland went back to when the vaccine had arrived and she found the blank insert inside. She was visibly frustrated as she explained again.

"When I opened the package insert of any/all these shots I was shocked. I read “This space intentionally left blank” - literally no information provided as to ingredients, safety data, storage data, etc. No real information available for pharmacists to become informed and therefore, patients weren’t as informed as I felt they should be. So, when patients came in for the shot, I would literally show them the insert. They would ask me a question about it and I’d say, I have no idea, and I'd hold up the blank insert. I eventually put the insert up on the wall and let it talk for itself. But wow, the number of people who wanted it anyway! They would go home and think about it, because I at least made them think; they'd have a conversation with their doctor and they were told absolutely, you need this - go back and get it. I had cancer patients who ask should I get it? I told them no, there is plenty of time, and no you are immune-compromised, don’t get it. The Oncologist would march them right back in to get this shot. Oh ( she paused and and sighed,) that just tells you the level of non-awareness. I don’t want to say they were nefarious in their thoughts, um, back then. But now there has been enough negative out there that if you still feel the way you do, it tells me you may not have not done your due diligence. You can have a pass only for a certain amount of time because we all have been misled by the agencies we used to be able to trust."

Dr. Belland, visibly compassionate and visibly angered at the horror of what she had discovered, shook her head and went on to tell us,

"No one could fathom the level of evil and brilliant planning that Gates, Fauci and others have put together. Good people don't think that level of evil can exist. So just to comprehend that part....that’s a big pill to digest. Then when you learn you're a part of it, they've been using you to spread their’s disgusting. I feel so much sorrow and will always wonder how much harm I may have personally done."

Dr. Belland stopped talking, looked down, looked back up and after a few minutes of silence, she told us why she felt like she belonged in this horror story.

"I think that there are no accidents. I think God needed me on the inside track so I could speak about it. Whether that's having Covid, and experiencing being really sick with Covid, I think it was important for me to go through that, so I can confidently tell people you can survive it, don’t be afraid, there are things you can do to protect yourself. There are treatments that work and they need to be started early. But also, you need to remove the fear. The more fear you have the more susceptible you become.”

Dr. Belland told us that she had gone to a conference about a month ago, She said it was uplifting to be around three thousand people that knew of the risks of the shot. The one thing that was said at this conference over and over, was that if you have a loved one with Covid, do not take them to the hospital. The monetary gain for a Covid diagnosis versus another is night and day. A vented Covid patient generates far more revenue than other non-Covid related injuries/illness. She also explained how the un-vaccinated are placed on the back seat when it comes to care. I’m not saying this is here in our town: it is being reported all over the country. In fact, our own Governor Jared Polis, just gave authorization to medical facilities to put

un-vaccinated people to the back of the line or to refuse care altogether under the premise of not enough resources to accommodate. There have been a number of stories where un-vaccinated people have been refused care, surgery, etc.

"We are just not shown the truth, and if you don’t dig for it you won’t find it. You can’t just do a Google search. Now professionals are so busy, they get home from work and they’re exhausted, or they are busy with their family. I get how one can be super busy and not know about a lot of this. I don't know where that line of responsibility is; some say it’s that minute you don’t know what’s in that shot you’re injecting, and I would agree with that to a point. There are confounding variables that make it extremely difficult to just stand up and quit because they are so good at confusing us. We are all humans; physicians, pharmacists, nurses that are in this system. We've seen death from Covid so you get to play around a while with that in your head. Then you see a potential cure, OK you play with that. It takes some time to get to a place where you can wrap your head around the full picture."

When asked if she could make a statement on what she now knows, what would she say?

"I have an immediate response - we're running out of time you can't sit in the middle. God wins, so be on the right side. So how do you say that, without sounding like a complete crazy Christian? I do think plenty of us are fully aware of the magnitude of the spiritual battle. We are running out of time for anyone who hasn't made a decision or is living in fear, and for those that deep down know they're not doing the right thing. You better pick your side, take your stand, run with it, and have faith in God. Things are accelerating so quickly, that's what I would tell the people in general."

"On a practical side, health providers all took the Hippocratic Oath - to do no harm, and I know that most do not want harm their patients. They do have to perform their own due diligence and at least investigate the counter-narrative, investigate the warnings that their colleagues are talking about. Doing nothing; it’s hard for me to say you're not complicit. I could understand months ago, I get that, we're so far along now you'd have to be living under a rock to not know a number of patients that are vaccinated and injured or have died. It’s not that hard to find these cases today. At this point if you haven't investigated that a little bit before you're injecting, or pushing this poison, that’s on you or is it?

Also, Spike proteins are found to concentrate in many parts of our body but are highly concentrated in the ovaries and testes. "Yes, so what better than to vaccinate all of these children from the ages of 5 to 11? Will there be fertility issues? " That is such a horrifying dark agenda, that many won't believe that it’s true. I don’t blame anyone that is having trouble wrapping their head around this. We are in a war and this virus is a bio-weapon. The sights are presently aimed at our littler kids and I can only pray we don’t see tremendous injury and death. I do not understand why this recommendation is in place for a population that has such a small risk of contracting, carrying, or transmitting Covid. I am concerned about the long term immune system repercussions that may show a few months after being vaccinated."

When we asked about the studies on the life expectancy of the vaccinated, she became quiet and she waited a moment before responding.

"I hope I'm wrong. When you look at the studies and actual data collected around the globe, the vaccinated are beginning to show significant immune system deficiencies - an AIDS like syndrome, because the immune system has been so significantly altered/damaged."

We asked if there were ways for the vaccinated to turn this around, to restore their immune system? To this, she replied:

"There are several things people are talking about and I would say Yes"

She talked about detoxing, that there is information out there, different protocols, but she couldn’t say exactly because she had not tried them herself. She did touch on the importance of what we eat. Also, making more conscience decisions on what you are eating, doing what you can to stay away from a lot of medicines and alcohol, rest and avoiding high stress is important too. Maintaining high enough Vitamin D levels is important as many studies have shown that low D levels can result in a higher chance of hospitalization with Covid.

At the closing of our interview, I had mentioned that after the original video of Dr. Belland quitting her job, that many people had reached out and sent private comments and questions.. There were some people who were terrified; "How does she know?" " This can't be true!" "What can I do?" I have not responded to them because, first of all, I am not qualified and secondly, the Lord has not moved me to answer.

Dr. Belland ended our interview by telling us that there are things you can do; one of the most important, is not to keep getting the boosters.

"If the first one didn’t work, and the second one didn’t work, and the third one....what makes you think the fourth one will work? It is not about health, it never has been. When you are in fear you can lose your common sense and that is what they try to keep going. For those people who are fearful, they can reach out to me. I understand. I believe, this is the greatest test by God to see who you will follow. Do you follow the ways of the world or do you follow God.?"

In the following weeks, Dr. Belland will share more information on the effective treatments available to treat Covid as well as protocols designed to help “detox” from the various toxins we are exposed to.

We add a wonderful God Blessed note...After Nichole took her leap of faith regarding a job, sixteen days later she found another one. She’s quite excited to have been hired full-time to the mission of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

“I gave up my Colorado pharmacist license at the end of October. I’m grateful to have been asked to be part of such an important cause and not have to be under the threat of a professional board. God has blessed me with a very large opportunity to work on education for parents right now. We all are feeling an urgency to that specific cause. I encourage anyone that has questions about these shots to checkout their website. Leading scientists and physicians are sharing everything they know; it is a free, truthful resource."

Just before publishing, we received an Email from Dr. Belland. She asked if we would include it and share with the public. You will find her email below.

"I’m aware that there are many cases of Covid-19 in our area currently. I cannot stress enough how important it is to be proactive with your health and find the inexpensive, effective treatments for Covid. Hundreds of providers across the country are available to help you retrieve these medications. As you might imagine, their tele-medicine services are in very high demand right now. It is strongly suggested to make an appointment now while in good health rather than wait until you are too sick. American Frontline Doctors is the most well-known resource (AFLDS.ORG) but for the same reason they have the longest wait time for appointments currently. created by Dr. Ben Marble, is also treating thousands of patients and as the name implies, they offer their services for free (a donation is appreciated if able). Lastly, Dr. Stella Immanuel offers appointments through her website at I’m certain there are many more websites out there that offer these same services but the ones I mention are legitimate and I can vouch for them. Again, early treatment is extremely important to combat Covid and to prevent long-haul chronic Covid. As a personal note, I have witnessed about a dozen patients get successful early treatment and importantly, remained outside of the hospital. Further, I too have successfully recovered from Covid using the same medications the above compassionate doctors provide. The National Institute of Health has recently acknowledged the role Ivermectin may have in shortening the duration of Covid symptoms and hopefully this news will get to your own provider sooner than later."

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