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Colorado Ranked 5th Most Beautiful State in 2024

What they say about Colorado:

"Colorado is well known for its mountains. The state has over 50 peaks higher than 14,000 feet. Accompanying the state’s many mountains are the mountain lakes, which have pristine waters and views. While the eastern part of the state is relatively flat, much like Kansas, the mountains make up for it. Two must-see mountains in Colorado are the Maroon Bells in the White River National Forest."

California wins at #1. Well, I can see that. It does has the ocean .

The Hawaii is #2. who can argue that Hawaii is Beautiful?

Alaska is #3. Ok, can't argue with that either. Denali National Park is amazing. And it is our last wilderness.

Utah is #4. We could argue about that. I think they could use more trees. What they say about Utah: "Utah ranks fourth on the list but is the first state on the list with no coastline. Utah is home to five national parks, including the famous Arches National Park with its grand, sandstone arches. Utah also has powder-covered mountains for skiing in the winter, deserts, and the Bonneville Salt Flats, one of the best geological sights in the U.S. The most beautiful place in Utah is Bryce Canyon National Park."

As my adopted state, (I picked Colorado to retire in 6 years ago) it is the most beautiful to me. Yes, we only have FOUR National Parks, but they have the most diverse scenery. From the Colorado Official Visitor Info website : our National Parks have "dramatically distinct qualities that can't be found at any other (place). From scenic drives along sky-high roads and sand-dune surfing to geographical marvels and prehistoric preservation, you'll find plenty of unique activities to captivate your heart and mind"

Even though it's Politics is ruining this state, its natural beauty has captivated my heart. How can someone not believe in God when living here?


photo is by me

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