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Colorado county ordinance would prevent taxpayer funds to assist illegal immigrants

The ordinance will prohibit the appropriation of funds for the purchasing property for providing “emergency sheltering of illegal aliens.”

By Joe Mueller | The Center Square

Published: April 29, 2024 11:14pm

From Just the News

Comment by David Dove: We should have already passed this ordinance here.

Weld County commissioners gave their initial approval for an ordinance preventing taxpayer funds to assist illegal immigrants, a move they say is "aimed at countering misinformation."

Photo: A migrant encampment along 27th Ave near Zuni St. in Denver Friday Dec. 15, 2023. By Andy Cross/The Denver Post

In a 5-0 vote, the commissioners repealed and reenacted an ordinance regarding general and special funds. Two other public readings of the ordinance must take place before the board formally votes to adopt the change.

Kevin Ross, chairman of the commissioners, said the ordinance was necessary to provide transparency on county expenditures.

“There have been a lot of conversations in the community, as well as nationally, about the impact illegal immigration is having on local government,” Ross said in a statement. “Information found on websites or comments made by individuals in the community have led to confusion and concern, understandably. Our hope, as a board, is that this ordinance will bring clarity and confidence that Weld County is neither a sanctuary county for illegal immigrants nor is county government misusing taxpayer funds in relation to illegal immigration.”

The legislation adds information on county funds to be covered, provides a specific description of who is impacted by the ordinance and an extensive list of excluded expenditures.

“The Board of County Commissioners shall not appropriate monies from the General Fund, Capital Expenditure Fund, special revenue funds or proprietary funds for the specified purpose of providing emergency sheltering of illegal aliens within Weld County,” the ordinance states. “’Emergency sheltering of illegal aliens’ includes the provision of housing, transportation or meals for the benefit of persons who DO NOT have ‘lawfully present in the United States’ immigration status.”

The ordinance will prohibit the appropriation of funds for the purchasing property for providing “emergency sheltering of illegal aliens.” It also will prevent the commissioners from leasing or subleasing any property currently owned or leased by Weld County to the federal government, the state, a local government, a non-governmental organization, corporation or nonprofit organization to provide “emergency sheltering of illegal aliens” in the county. The only exception would for the need to provide emergency sheltering in the event of a natural disaster and for subsequent requests for financial assistance from state and federal governments.

Members of the public can submit statements during regularly scheduled commissioners’ meetings or the May 20 and June 10, when the proposal will be further considered.

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I would say the only correction I would make to this is that no exception be made. The problem with saying that in case of an emergency, is they would come up with an emergency to get them brought in. There is no emergency and no excuse for illiegals breaking our laws and entering our country illegally.


Does the city of Cortez have a no sanctuary city ordinance?

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