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Colorado Attorney General to lead Ministry of Truth and state censorship

Updated: Jun 18

Jun 12, 2024

from Colorado Peak Politics

The Colorado attorney general is now charged with combating misinformation and is the chief propaganda officer tasked with informing schools and community leaders as to what government deems true or false.

This Ministry of Truth is the creation of Democrat lawmakers whose bill titled “Attorney General Duties to Prevent Mis- & Dis-information” was signed into law last week by Gov. Polis.

Back in olden times before Trump was first elected, the media would be howling about First Amendment rights and freedom of speech.

But this generation is fearful of freedom, and speech, and so it must be censored by government.

The law instructs the state’s top law enforcement officer to “prevent and combat the sharing and spreading of factually inaccurate data …” Wait. We have questions.

Will this mean that Hunter Biden’s laptop is no longer Russian disinformation?

The next time Polis claims he’s saving people money, will he go to jail?

Since Al Gore’s declaration that global warming climate change would eliminate the Snows of Kilimanjaro by 2016 never came to pass, can we stop terrorizing our youth with climate anxiety?

The attorney general is also required by law to “establish an initiative to encourage respectful engagement and discourse.”

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Yes they really want to get rid of the Bill of Rights. To them, evil is good and freedom is slavery.

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