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City of Denver Cut Employee Hours to Zero in Order to Keep Paying for Services for Illegal Border Crossers

By Mike LaChance Feb. 27, 2024 6:45 am

The Gateway Pundit

LKY: How long before this affects our entire state?

The city of Denver has been struggling for weeks now to pay for services for illegal border crossers. Early in February it was announced that the city would start cutting some services for taxpayers, and unsuccessfully tried to blame Republicans.

Now the city is going to start cutting the hours of city employees, in some cases down to zero, in order to keep paying for services for illegals.

This is simply not sustainable and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows it.

A few days ago, CBS News reported that Parks and Rec services are cutting back over this:

Cuts to Denver Parks & Rec services begin Tuesday with reduced days, hours. Reductions in days and hours at Denver Parks and Rec centers began on Tuesday. Denver Mayor Mike Johnston announced the cuts earlier this month. The cuts in service to Denver Parks and Recreation do not involve layoffs for current employees. However, hourly workers can expect fewer hours, and on-call and seasonal workers will be most impacted. Beginning Feb. 20, Denver Recreation Centers will begin to reduce hours. Regional Centers open 7 days a week will only be open 6 days a week. Those open 6 days a week will stay open for the same number of days but the hours of operation will be reduced. Summer Recreation Programming in Denver will be reduced by 25% across the program. The city will also forgo planting annual flower beds this year.

It’s amazing that the taxpayers of Denver are putting up with this. They are the people who pay the bills for the city and they’re getting shafted.

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It only makes sense if the democrats hate America and want to destroy it. There is no other reason to be not only encouraging, but paying for the foreign invasion of your own country.

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