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Bust the Establishment Fix on 11/8

by Holly at Altitude

This article is a little long, but it may help those that are not sure whether to vote the entire Colorado Republican down ballot. Or not.

Posted by Holly at Altitude November 2, 2022 If it is not obvious by this point, let me be clear: Anyone still believing that the 2022 midterm elections are a fight between Republicans and Democrats, Red vs Blue, or any other version of the “two parties” going head-to-head has completely lost the plot. The battle at the ballot box is between the people and the (R and D) establishment, the people and the elites. The people who want change, and the people who want to keep the status quo. Who Want and Need The Status Quo? Warmongers who profit off the industrial war complex. Profiteers of high interest rates. Vax & mask mandaters. Beneficiaries of insider stock trading through their – or their spouse holding office. Ultimately it’s people who benefit from their amassed power through and supported by the establishment system. And, this is all at the expense of the taxpayers who suffer – greatly. Those who NEED the status quo are fighting to stay away from investigations and ultimately out of prison. These are the people fighting against free and fair elections, with everything they’ve got. They exploit every opportunity to win, by any means necessary. This is because they must keep the ballot counting and processing hidden from the public. These are the people who tell us “our elections are safe and secure”. They fight against normal citizens who ask questions, want answers, who want to look under the stones. Under the stones is where the malfeasance happens. Not convinced the battle is on? Ballots have been mailed indiscriminately to 240,000 unverified voters in Pennsylvania. That means ballots were sent to potentially: any name and address real or fake, non-eligible voters, dead people, and/or underage people across PA. The egregious violation of election law has ignited fights in the legislature and the courts. What has already been signaled by the PA SecState is that counting delays will happen. 2020 all over again in PA. In Colorado, SecState Griswold sent voter registration instruction cards to 30,000 non-citizens who can’t vote legally. Griswold blew this blunder off with the excuse that it’s only registration instruction cards. Contrary to Griswold’s weak excuse, this is a very big deal. These voter registration cards are a gateway to election fraud. This is one of the ways that voter rolls are inflated (more on this later – oh yes, there are receipts). And let’s not forget, Griswold is currently being sued for her incompetence on maintaining accurate and secure voter rolls mandated by the federal HAVA laws. These are just two recent examples in this current election cycle of clear vectors for massive election fraud with mail-in ballots. This doesn’t even touch on no-chain of custody ballots, unsecured and unmonitored ballot drop boxes made illegal in many states. It doesn’t consider vulnerable, CCP-aligned election management software vulnerabilities, such as Konnech which is used in many states like Illinois and Georgia. Their Answer this Election – Vote Straight Ticket OR ELSE! Before every election, the calls go out to “vote straight ticket!” These pleas generally come from the misinformed, the lazy, or the corrupted. Stop and think for a moment about what they’re really asking of voters. They’re trying to manipulate us to blindly act on the false assumption of choice between an establishment Democrat and an establishment Republican candidate. They want to keep us, the plebs, in line. They coerce this fake choice with a big dose of fear with the added cliche, “If you don’t vote for the party candidate, you’ll split the vote!” *Fear porn enters the chat* What Can be Done? Disclaimer & Clarification: The following is not an endorsement for any given candidate(s). This is an endorsement of people DOING THEIR OWN RESEARCH (DYOR). This is an endorsement of thinking creatively. And, frankly, this is a reminder that thinking – period – is required when making informed decisions. Thinking, rather than blindly following the herd, may provide us with a way out. The Fix Part 1: Colorado Secretary of State Race The Secretary of State race is between Jena Griswold, the Soros and Dominion backed Democrat incumbent, and Pam Anderson, the GOP establishment pick. Griswold’s incompetence is well documented. Even the Denver Post came out against her in recent weeks. But who is Pam Anderson? First, understand that Pam Anderson paid people to gather signatures to petition her way onto the primary ballot. She skipped the Colorado Republican Party Convention and Assembly, which is where Republican delegates (elected by their neighbors in their precincts) manifest the will of the Republican electorate – the will of the people. Assembly is where the peoples’ voices are heard. Worse, Anderson is the former Director of the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), the Zuckerbucks NGO that influenced the 2020 elections (and beyond) through massive cash injections across the nation. A small sample of CTCL’s efforts included privately funding unmonitored ballot drop boxes (declared illegal in many states) as well as fortifying the hourly wage of election workers, and funding the purchase of electronic voting equipment for counties outside their normal budgeting process. At least four counties in Colorado took grants in 2020 from the CTCL. Colorado voters aren’t able to research these facts about Pam Anderson because she scrubbed her LinkedIn prior to announcing her candidacy, an obvious attempt to distance herself from CTCL’s recent exposure and skirt accountability. Also missing from Anderson’s LinkedIn are her “credentials” as former President of the Colorado County Clerk’s Association (CCCA), her role as Board Secretary of CEIR, which is an NGO that handles voter data management and mailing services (here’s the connection to HOW all those illegal CO voter registration cards and unverified ballots got mailed out), confirming her connection to David Becker head-cheese of CEIR and ERIC. Anderson also neglects to mention her side-hustle as an election consultant, where she testified as an expert witness SUPPORTING Jena Griswold in the state’s December 14, 2020 Legislative Audit Committee Hearing. Voters considering Anderson should be wondering how the CO GOP is backing someone who is obviously tangled up in some very shady election dealings. In Colorado, when the misinformed, the lazy, and/or the corrupted propose voting “straight ticket R,” they are advocating to vote for Anderson. Anderson is hardly a better choice than Griswold for running free and fair elections or investigating election integrity issues. The calls for straight ticket voting keeps the public hypnotized by the establishment’s illusion of choice. Anderson and Griswold are the same choice. There is no difference between the two. VOTE FOR ANDERSON ANYWAY BECAUSE… “She’s got to be better than Griswold!” “At least she’s not a Dem!” “You’ll split the vote!” THE STRAIGHT TICKET VOTING ADVOCATES Busting the SoS Fix: The Colorado Attorney General Race One example of what COULD be done to counteract the fixed Secretary of State race – indeed one of the only things we can do in this dire climate – is electing a nonpartisan Attorney General. Investigations into government corruption and election manipulation in Colorado are the MOST critical issues on the ballot. Without free and fair elections, we have no representation. Until we restore public trust in elections, nothing else matters. Neither Secretary of State candidate will investigate our elections or work toward restoring decentralized power to the counties. They both are too invested in maintaining their bipartisan status quo. The CO Attorney General Can Investigate and Prosecute Election Crimes Given the AG race is between Democrat incumbent AG Phil Weiser, and Republican incumbent District Attorney John Kellner. Both of these candidates have proven they will not investigate government corruption or election issues – even when directly given evidence of fraud by Colorado citizen canvassers in the form of notarized affidavits. The uniparty strikes again by offering the ‘ol fake choice. However, there is a third option, Colorado lawyer Stanley Thorne has qualified as a write in candidate. He qualified for the Republican ballot at assembly but was later declared ineligible leaving Kellner to run unopposed. Thorne has openly and clearly stated that he WILL investigate and prosecute government corruption and crimes in our election system. He provides an independent choice for AG as a “Write In” candidate. On Colorado ballots THORNE can be written in as an official, qualified vote for AG rather than Kellner or Weiser. Obviously, this does not give voters a linear answer to the Secretary of State conundrum. Still, the only path to restore public trust in Colorado is to expose government corruptions and the truth about our elections. And the only way to do that is to write-in “THORNE.” He is the only candidate courageous enough to address these issues, and he isn’t owned by “either” party. The Fix Part 2: CO US Senator Race During Assembly, there were many popular candidates campaigning for Senate. Only one of them made the ballot, Representative Ron Hanks (HD60). Hanks had the highest vote totals of any competitive race during Assembly. But in the primary, establishment pick Joe O’Dea, — a pro-choice businessman who “pulled an “Anderson” by petitioning his way onto the primary ballot – inexplicably defeated Hanks. O’Dea is up against Democrat incumbent Michael Bennet. O’Dea was endorsed by NeoCon / RNC / Establishment shill George Bush. The Bush family is hardly popular in Colorado, and the baggage Bush brings to O’Dea drags him so low that he’s basically unelectable in Colorado. Still, we hear the calls to vote straight ticket – vote for the establishment backed O’Dea! Busting the CO Senate Race Fix: U.S. Senators Have Investigative Power But again, there is another outsider option for senate Brian Peotter, the Libertarian senate Candidate. Do your own research, and you will find that Peotter is a populist Senate candidate “without a home” in the Republican Party. Peotter did not get the GOP endorsement, but Peotter is unapologetically pro-choice (the standout issue that separates a uniparty D candidate from an R in nearly any race across the U.S.). Peotter is the highest polling libertarian candidate in the nation for a statewide race. He is an independent populist with conservative values who believes in small government and individual liberty. Where Peotter is truly unique, is that he is not owned by either establishment party and he will investigate election related issues if elected. Many Races, Many Options, Many States As we’ve discussed, “You’ll split the vote!” is fear-porn propaganda. Ask yourself: If both “choices” are establishment picks with uniparty authoritarian leanings, is there really a choice at all? The case for Doing Your Own Research and voting for third-party or independent candidates that reflect your values – rather than “straight ticket” cuts across all races in this election. Many strong candidates are running outside the two parties this cycle. Many of the third-party or independent candidates in 2022 are different than prior elections. These strong alternative candidates arose from the establishment stranglehold on our self-governance. If you’re finished with the Status Quo, Do Your Own Research and vote for candidates who will represent, rather than resent, your interests. At this point, voters must ask themselves, how has this voting straight ticket B.S. worked out so far? Maybe the establishment candidate is the best choice – maybe voting straight ticket is for you, but don’t go on auto-pilot when voting. Make informed, intentional choices. Often there’s a non-linear path to restoring election integrity. Think about the powers of these elected officials and ask if they’ll investigate, fund, prosecute election integrity issues if they’re elected. District Attorneys must investigate crimes including election crimes if they’re notified of crimes. •. County Commissioners have the power to investigate, fund election budgets including electronic voting equipment, and have responsibility for running free, fair and legal elections. State Reps and Senators can investigate and call for investigations, they can change election laws etc. Sheriffs enforce the law – the Constitution, they are citizens’ last stand for holding elected officials accountable if laws are being broken. County Clerk and Recorders are responsible for running elections, adding and removing voters from county voter rolls, mailing out ballots, deciding how to conduct elections (e.g. using electronic voting equipment or hand counting), election audits, maintaining all voting records etc. PSA: Official write in candidates will not be listed on any ballots in Colorado for any races (it’s a rule on the books). For a list of write-in candidates for Colorado races visit the Secretary of State’s website. For local races, consult your county clerk’s websites for the write-in list. From there, DYOR! No part of this article should be interpreted as a candidate endorsement.

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