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Beyond the GOP State Assembly in Colorado Springs

By Valerie Maez

As a participant in the Republican State Assembly in Colorado Springs last week, I can tell you it was an experience that was inspiring. Yes, there were competing agendas from the candidates and their staff, all vying for a delegate’s attention. It took me over an hour to delete all the texts exhorting me to attend their functions and to beware of the treacherous nature of all the other candidates. That was not the inspiring part.

The inspiring part was watching the earnest intentions of first time delegates to a State convention. There was an overwhelming conviction in the air, these individuals had chosen to spend time and money to come and make a difference. The majority of delegates attending the Assembly were first time participants. Conversations abounded about how to right the ship of state that everyone felt was on the verge of collapse. Who would be the best to secure our rights for not just the next generation, but generations beyond. I did not hear a single conversation that was centered about the current voting population. Only about the future.

The mainstream media is reporting that election deniers seized control of the Assembly and elevated the likes of Ron Hanks and Lauren Boebert. They maintain that since the 2020 election was certified, anyone who questions those results is an election denier. I say that if you close your mind and your ears to questions, on any given subject, you become a lap dog. No, thanks! I choose to ask questions, not because I want conflict, or that I am advocating for any one particular thing. A Republic, like ours, if it is to survive, needs critical thinking skills of all who cast ballots. Political parties can and do play a critical role in our society. Due to the rise of unaffiliated voters in the political party Primary election process, that process is becoming problematic. Essentially these voters have the choice of determining a candidate for a political party that does not reflect the wishes of the registered voters of that party. It sort of is like voting for a prom king or queen by people who don’t attend the school you do. I can understand why some conscientious voters chose to be unaffiliated, due to frustrations with political hacks who undermine the stated principles of our political parties for personal agendas and have run roughshod for far too long. As I have articulated previously, not all Republicans are the same. The idealism that was prevalent at the GOP State Assembly in Colorado Springs was, for the most part, from seasoned voters. They have seen the betrayals, they have seen the machinations of corrupt politicians, and they are standing up.

This is a very good thing. For the Republican Party and our Country.

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