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Behavior Problems In Our School

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor

By Lynn Ward

In the School District RE-1 board meeting Tuesday 9/21, I listened to everyone say over and over, "the teachers are dealing with huge behavior problems." They're dealing with sex in the hallways, combative students, rebellious students, triggered students, and were basically blaming our children for everything wrong and then shifting the blame back to bad parenting. A big thanks to someone in the audience, he made me realize that most cases are NOT due to bad parenting. It seems to me that it's because of people just like him. Our school system is infested with them.

They encourage our children to express sexuality and they force sex down our children's throats at a very young age. This then leads to sex in the hallway and inappropriate sexual behavior. This is their fault. They tell them to publicize their sex life and have as many sexual partners as possible. This is followed by lies to the parents about their secret clubs.

They encourage and advertise rebellious rallies, and preach to our children to stand up for what they have been programmed to believe. They teach them that if someone doesn't agree with you....protest. They have social workers, that seem to diagnose every child with a behavior disorder instead of giving them consequences for their actions. These people teach that law enforcement and the justice system is just picking on them because they're different. If parents try to correct the behavior, they then tell the child that it's abuse.

The suicide rate in children has taken an enormous jump and this is due to suicide ideology which is also their fault. It is being taught to our children everywhere, even in their current curriculum. In our schools, our children see suicide groups, posters and advertisements implanting the thought. Other children are being encouraged and recruited to check other children for bruises, cuts or signs of abuse and suicide attempts. The sexuality club uses it as an excuse to keep the group in our school, under the guise of discouraging bullying. We have 4 youth groups in our school that are constant reminders of suicide, they use social emotional learning daily to further this ideology. Our children's current curriculum is grim, dark, depressing, and in multiple novels and other materials, it clearly installs the idea of suicide and then nurtures the implanted seed.

In order to change the behavior of our children, our educators need to do what they were entrusted and hired to do. Our children need to be taught reading, writing, mathematics, true history and science. They need a good primary core curriculum instead of supplementary programming. When they can insure that our children are provided with this, then they can start to claim the cause of negative behaviors is bad parenting.

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Teaching fundamentals like reading, math etc. gives all children the ability to achieve something great. Stop dumbing down our children. The greatest gift you can give your child is their independence. Then they will be strong of character and never submit to those who would try to control and tear them down.

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