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Ballot Initiatives to Secure our Elections and Party System

By Ron Hanks 5-6-24

Ballot & Election Security Committee Chair


Good Morning Fellow Republicans,

This email is to alert you of efforts by wealthy elitists to inflict major changes onto our election system.

It will also alert you to three positive initiatives written and ready to stop them. 

Finally, this email will let you know how you can help in the efforts to move those three grassroots initiatives onto the November 2024 ballot.    


Wealthy elitists believe they can build a better government model than our founding fathers, and Colorado is their next target for major election changes.   

Fifteen of their initiatives have been drafted and approved through the Office of Secretary of State.  At any moment, several of those will be selected and signature collection will begin. 

Their initiatives would implement Rank Choice Voting, and the so-called “Jungle Primary”.  Those processes weaken the political parties and ultimately render them essentially obsolete.  Similar initiatives have been pushed through in several states, and they are unpopular.

While the elitists must be impressed with their ability to implement their preferences, they must also be irritated they can’t keep those rules in place:  Many states have fought to return to their original election procedures after suffering an election under the elitists’ preferred rules.      


But the elitists have a new plan.  They’ve upped the stakes.  This time, in Colorado, they will amend the state constitution – not simply add their scheme to the lawbooks.  Colorado won’t be able to decouple from the imposed changes quite so easily as the other states who simply repealed bad election law.


There is a counterweight to the elitists’ plans.

Three grassroots ballot initiatives are written, approved, and ready for petitions and signatures.  If we believe in the two-party system, and believe the parties should continue to promote candidates chosen through Caucus and Assembly, then we should unite and work to get them on the November 2024 ballot. 

These grassroots initiatives push back against those well-funded efforts by billionaires to radically and permanently change our election process.  Consider these three initiatives the antidote for what the elitists are pushing: 

#201: Prohibit Rank Choice Voting

#202: Ballot Access Through Caucus and Assembly

#278: Primary Elections for Major Political Parties


The three initiatives will also amend the Colorado Constitution – but in a good way – keeping the elitists schemes out and avoiding a uniparty selection process.  With our traditional methods enshrined in the constitution, it will be much harder for the elitists to try again.

Democrats are also concerned about the elitists proposed changes.  Thus, we all have an opportunity to firewall our election processes from the wealthy elitists – using common ground shared by the right and left of the political spectrum.  

The grassroots initiatives -- 201, 202, 278 -- are ready to go.  They can be printed onto petitions and begin signature collection immediately.    


Money, Volunteers, Time.  Please contact: 

It will cost about $20,000 to print and distribute these petitions.  They are ready to print and need to be distributed to the 35 state senate districts.  At least 2% of valid signatures must come from each senate district.  Signatures must be collected by August 5, 2024.

We all knew 2024 would be a crucial election year.  And now we know the elitists want to change the entire process. 

Please look at the links to initiatives 201, 202, 278.  If you can help, reach out to the contact above.


Ron Hanks

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