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Ballot Guide

By Valerie Maez

A guide for the 2021 State Ballot Issues and Montezuma School Board Elections

Amendment 78: Legislative Authority for Spending State Money

This Amendment will require that all state spending be allocated by the State Legislature and that custodial money be deposited in and spent from a new fund. Think about how COVID 19 money was allocated by the Governor when considering the term custodial. It is our view that a yes vote allows for more transparency and accountability.

Proposition 119: Learning Enrichment and Academic Progress Program

This Proposition would create another educational bureaucracy. It is our view that efforts to improve education should be focused on fixing the existing bureaucracy by a thorough review of programs that do not meet stated goals, eliminate them or fix them.

Amendment 120: Proposition Tax Assessment Rate Reduction

This Amendment lowers property tax assessment rates for multifamily housing and lodging properties. It is our view that lowering property tax assessment rates is always a good thing. It would have been better if the Amendment applied to all property tax assessment rates. It’s a start in the right direction.

School Board Races

There are two contested school board positions. The Cortez RE-1 race is a choice between Tammy Hooten or Ed Rice. Tammy Hooten is the incumbent. In Dolores RE-4 Board seats are determined by highest vote count rather than by separate districts. Two of the four candidates who receive the highest vote will be elected. Candidates are Jerry Whited, Heather Barritt, Dr. Lori Raney and incumbent Casey McClellan. These are troubling times for school boards across the United States. The issues of COVID 19 and Critical Race Theory have given parents a need to re-evaluate how they see local education.

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