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Questions about the Dolores Education Association

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

By: Jerry Whited

It’s discouraging to find out the Dolores Education Association has already made up their minds on who they are going to endorse, and then set up a forum to make it seem like they are being impartial.

Here’s my questions for them:

  1. Will the moderator allow uncensored questions from the audience?

  2. If it’s by written questions, is the moderator going to stack the deck in their candidate’s favor?

  3. Will the moderator be someone outside the organization and really be impartial?

  4. Will you be stacking the audience in favor of your candidate?

  5. Does it make sense ethically to have a forum when you have already made it known who you endorse?

The lack of transparency are some of the reasons why I am running for School Board. This is just a symptom of the way of thinking of much of the administration. There have been so many times I’ve had to meet with school officials as a parent, where they try to placate me with words and apologies, then have done nothing to solve the problem. This makes parents frustrated and out students suffer. We need more accountability and straight-forward conversations, and this is why I decided to run.


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