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IT BEGINS: Patriots in Arizona Call for a New Legitimate Midterm Election on December 6 ByJoe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit Published November 15, 2022 at 8:15am The Arizona election is a total mess. It’s full of corruption in almost every area. It is uncertifiable as a result. A new free and fair election is demanded. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs should have recused herself due to her running for governor in this election but her conflict of interest was ignored. The same people involved in the uncertifiable 2020 Election were also involved in this election. They too should have been removed. The systems are the same systems with still unanswered questions from the 2020 Election. As a result a group of citizens in Arizona released a statement last night calling for a new election. They request that this election in the state be held on December 6. .

Here is the letter from the people of Arizona.


Three Strikes Arizona Election Officials The officials in Maricopa County are actively obstructing the will of Arizona voters. Between the ballot stuffing via “Drawer Three,” the 30% voting machine failures on Election Day, and unexplained extended ballot counting, the election in Arizona is not trustworthy.

Enough is enough. There is zero transparency, and Arizona citizens no longer trust officials to count our votes with fidelity. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and county election officials in Arizona have a multi-year track record of incompetence and obstruction. Without transparency, the so-called results are illegitimate and uncertifiable.

We the People know something is wrong, and will not tolerate the way this election is being conducted. We the people of Arizona deserve better, and we demand better. We demand transparent, free, and fair state elections.

Immediate Demands for Remedy The People of Arizona immediately demand the following:

  1. A Special Master assigned to oversee Arizona elections, removing Katie Hobbs, Bill Gates, and Steven Richer from election oversight.

  2. Conduct a new election in Arizona on December 6, 2022:

  • In person voting.

  • Paper ballots.

  • Identification required.

  • Precinct level hand counting of ballots on December 6, 2022.

  • Ballots counted at the precinct to be sealed & transported by the county sheriff to a secure location.

  • Complete election process transparency.

Arizona citizens demand Arizona election officials agree to these terms by close of business on Thursday, November 17, 2022. If these demands for a new election are refused, Arizona citizens, joined by American citizens from across the country, will peacefully descend on Arizona until the new election is conducted.

Elections belong to the People. Conduct a #RealMidterm now.

This bold statement has merit and precedent. In the US there have been numerous instances in the past 20 years where elections have been redone. We suggested this remedy with the 2020 Election which was uncertifiable in numerous states due to rampant election abuse and fraud. Joe Oltmann, Pete Santilli, and others shared this statement last night on Conservative Daily on Rumble.

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