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Are we seeing it again?

Reichstag fire 1933 (Picture public domain in U.S)

BY R.L. Malcolm

The Weimar Republic, the most forward thinking and progressive Republic in the early 1900s, created the most heinous, and monstrous regime in recent history. But if that small country, which is smaller than the current state of New Mexico, was responsible for the horrors of World War II, how much worse would the fall of our country into the same totalitarian hell be? But you say that our country is nothing like the Weimar Republic, and we don’t have some totalitarian regime waiting in the wings to take over. Or do we?

In 1931 the Novelist Fredrich Frans Von Unruh wrote that to have a totalitarian regime come to power. They would use “Dictatorship, Abolition of the Parliament, crushing of all intellectual liberties, inflation, terror, civil war.” He also stated that Hitler’s rise to power would be greeted by millions of determined opponents.” In that respect he was wrong as the parliament already with a Nazi majority folded without a whimper. Today will he be wrong? Will we as a nation fold to those who would radically remake our country into a utopian hell, where freedom to think and speak for oneself and one's family is outlawed? A country who denies its citizens the basic freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Don’t imagine that it can’t happen.

The Reichstag fire of 1933 gave Hitler the impetus to enact the emergency powers clause in the Republic’s constitution which allowed him to start rounding up ” dissidents” and closing down the rights of the people to free speech. Now much as then the impetus is driven by some great disaster, namely the coronavirus. Only this is much more insidious because thanks to the administration's narrative there is a more direct visceral fear factor involved and a fearful society is a malleable one. We aren’t having our speech and our ability to interact forcefully taken from us yet. No, we have willingly given the government that level of control. Last year we hunkered down in our homes scared of living, we listened as governors and leaders told us that it was for our own good, for our safety. Only small handfuls here and there resisted, and they were more often than not shamed into compliance, or just simply forced to comply by threatening their livelihoods or being arrested and tossed into jails that were letting real criminals go, because “coronavirus”…

We now see our government leaders destroying the livelihoods of millions of Americans, either by direct fiat… “get the shot or lose your job”… or by coercing the businesses that employ them. Make no mistake this isn’t just a private business saying “if you want to work here then you’ve got to be vaccinated” No look behind the curtain, and you’ll see the federal government with a gun to their heads. These businesses stand to lose thousands, more likely millions and not to any market fluctuation, but a direct and open threat by the very organizations who are supposed to be working for “We the people.”

Then just the other day I saw an article on Merrick Garland and what appears to be for all intents and purposes a direct threat to the American citizenry’s ability to influence their local school boards. Now let me be clear I’m in no way condoning threats of violence, but after having seen numerous instances where parents were ushered out of a school board meeting, simply because the board didn’t like what they had to say, I have very little confidence that a broad brush won’t be used to paint any and all opposing views as racist and therefore terrorist.

Our greatest strength is still in our numbers, but those numbers will be meaningless if we continue to abdicate our rights and liberties. If we as a nation do not stand and say no to these illegal mandates, if we don’t stand and say no we will not comply to illegal and unconstitutional usurpation's of our rights then we won’t have any rights to stand on. Let me be once more quite clear on what I am and am not advocating. I am not advocating violence in any form. Rather I advocate getting more involved with your local government. Go to the school board meetings, the city council meetings, county commissioners meetings. Find out who these people we’ve “elected” are and what they stand for and if necessary vote them out or get recall petitions filed. If we stand idly by and doze while they burn our freedoms to the ground, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. As history marches on and we continue to repeat the mistakes of the past, as one dictatorial regime rewrites the history or expunges it completely, and inevitably falls to the same fires of destruction that claimed its predecessor. It is only “We the people” who can influence this course but first we must wake up and see what is happening under our noses.

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