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The Cortez Chronicle News has been off line for several weeks. We will be back up and running September 2, 2022, We will be publishing the first Friday of each month.

We have been undergoing restructure, new contributors, and fresh ideas.The Paper online subscription will remain at no fee through out the end of December. On January 1, 2023 the subscription rates will apply; 1yr. subscription $25. The money collected is deposited and only used for tax filings and legal fees. It is our hope as our subscribers grow those who contribute will in the future be compensated, a kind of extra income for all involved.

Thank you for your patients and loyalty. We will try our best meet all your expectations, but We need YOU. We have new categories, new writers, and we welcome anyone who would like to contribute stories, announcements, and community needs. The success of Cortez Chronicles will depend on the amount of people who wish to get involved by contributing stories. This can be a wonderful source for local news and world wide news . Things have certainly changed in news media and often hard to hear or read the full story, so we welcome knowledge and investigating writings as well. We can all help each other stay informed locally and worldwide, and keep up on our local news.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming publishing and we so hope you will get involved! This is a tool for anyone in the community, a platform to reach each other.

Please send your ideas, stories, news or announcements to:

God Bless You,

Sherry Simmons

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