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America's Mom Sherronna Bishop Speaks Out

ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! Just ask America's Mom Just one Year ago my family was disrupted by the banging of FBI agents from 4 different states, including an investigator from the neighboring county and my local police department chief and his officers. after less than a minute- while I tried to figure out what to do with my children and what do about the FBI banging on my door, TIMES UP- a battering ram was used to bust my UNLOCKED door open, and the fear really began. My daughter was pulled up and down our stairs by an FBI agent, while my boys watched with tears in their eyes.. I truly didn't know what to do or what the law allowed them to do. My husband had worked for Colorado Judicial and within the Criminal Justice system his entire adult career- and was quickly trying to diffuse the agents, who had their guns drawn as they pulled us out of our home. this was the Why did this happen to us? I didn't work for anyone in political office. I wasn't involved in illegal activity, and I certainly had not concealed my concern over both the devastating Covid policies implemented by my local schoolboard OR my complete distrust of a Grand Junction City Council election, where we led a city-wide canvassing of the vote effort. Both were deemed by the Biden administration as domestic terrorism- 1. speaking up for your children; 2. denouncing the outcome of the 2020 election as well as my own backyard races. As the story unfolds- there really is a bigger problem for me. I would not shut up. I used my platform to call out every instance of corruption by the Mesa County District Attorney, Dan Rubenstein and his investigators. We called out our dismissive county commissioners who entered our community into another 10-year Million-dollar contract with an election machine company we believed to be compromised and even provided incredible evidence to support that belief. We continue to fight even now. In 2019 when the call to stand up and defend my home for my kids and the those in our community- I had no idea it would reach this level of invasion and exposure. I simply wanted better schools and Parent involvement. I thought politicians would be grateful to have support and grassroots helping to keep our ground. Clearly, I've learned a lot. Although the last year has been the most challenging of my life and my family, we truly have doubled down. We feel such a necessary and obvious calling to continue to call out, by name, those who would sacrifice our children for a little bit of power and as we do so, embolden We the People to take our rightful place at the table of policy creation and implementation. and if you can't find a seat there, build a new table. My dear friend and the only politician who would listen and act on behalf of her constituents, Tina Peters has been crucified by other less noble elected officials and especially the Colorado judicial system in partnership with Merrick Garland- yes THEE Merrick Garland, Director of the Department of Justice. Watch Selection Code, the Story of Colorado In September of 2021, I held a special review for our Mesa County Commissioners and encouraged them to invite anyone they thought should be there to hear the findings from our canvassing efforts and our experts who were aiding us in election fraud in Colorado. From dirty voter roles, to dead voters voting, to the actual illegal activity recorded on the Mesa County Dominion Machines. That meeting was released to media all over the country, but not our local populace, violating sunshine laws. On the zoom was one Merrick Garland. I was surprised trying to understand why the head of the DOJ would want to be a part of this presentation in Mesa County. We've learned a lot since then. I think we all know why the interest in Mesa County has been so intense and the impact for those involved in securing the evidence of Dominions crimes so brutal. This story is far from over, but I want to thank each of you for your ongoing support. I ask for your ongoing involvement both with America's Mom and in your own backyards. When you share our show, forward our emails and supporting those who stand for America First, we are winning. Every time we sell out to fear and convenience- stay home when we should get in our car and drive to the closest school board meeting or county commissioner meeting, join a board or support a great candidate. Each time we choose slumber over commitment to a church family and our community, we lose. We can't win this battle we are in without each of us doing what God is calling us to. I need you to stand with me. Stay alive, stay connected to people and NEVER give into fear. Fear has its own frequency. It feeds off instability and disbelief and it grows if we have nothing to replace it with. Faith is the SUBSTANCE (a frequency!) of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. We are working for a hope that has not been fulfilled just yet: The Revival of our Spirits and the Restoration of our Constitution. I believe we are waiting for you. I look forward to our ongoing partnership and support of Families, Parents, Children and Great candidates who love God and love America together. It's simple really, it's time to make America Great Again. -Sherronna

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