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America's Freedoms Take Another blow as Sherrona Bishop- America's Mom Home Is Raided

By Sherry Simmons

Tuesday, Nov. 16, Started off as a regular day for Sherrona Bishop ( Americas Mom) Coffee in the pot two small boys at the table starting their homeschooling, an older daughter at school and another one at home.

The normal busy family sounds in Sherrona's home were interrupted by a loud and persistent banging on her door. Startled and shocked Sherrona shuffles her two small boys away into a safe spot. Sounds coming from outside her door most certainly would have echoed through the neighborhood. Another crash and the door came open. FBI swat team rushes in handcuffing Sherrona as she stood in disbelief.

The raid had begun against Sherrona Bishop also known as America's Mom. Sherrona is a familiar face in the battle against the over reach of government, the tyrannical hand in our public schools and the fight for integrity in our voting system. A beautiful mother of four children, devoted to Jesus, is the epitome of a suburban house mom. What was going on in her home should terrify this nation. The corruption level dripping down into America's- home towns is astonishing.

As they SWAT team rushed in, her 18 year old daughter was forcefully and roughly pulled up the stairs by her hoodie. Another SWAT member came with brute force handcuffing Sherrona.

Sherrona in a state of shocked asked the agents why they were there, however they would not tell her as to why they were searching her home. Documents were left behind by the FBI which read she was suspected of "intentional damage to a protected computer, wire fraud and conspiracy to cause damage to a protected computer."

This scene Tuesday morning in Colorado was as one right out of Hollywood. Unimaginable terror storming right in the quiet neighborhood home of the American housewife.

In an interview with WWW Broadcast network on Wednesday November 17th, Sherrona stated;

"I have always made myself available, I've never tried to hide from anything and now for them to bash in my door down, manhandle my daughter... I think the timing is really interesting, we don't want people to be silent because of what happened to me. If anything I want people to be more vocal,... because this is still America and you still have the right to stand up for yourself and your family."

"I'm a law abiding citizen, I'm very supportive of law enforcement," she continued. "I love the Constitution. And what happened yesterday, what happened is something I never imagined I would experience in America."

In a zoom meeting Thursday night November 18th, which was filled to capacity there was a discussion on the events of Tuesday and in this Nation. Sherrona was accompanied by ninety nine other guests.

Sherrona explained four search warrants should have been executed Tuesday morning without incident, however when the search warrant team arrived at Sherrona's home the warrants were not executed in this manner. The banging on the door which broke the calm atmosphere in the Bishops home quickly turned into a scene inconceivable for any law abiding American. The SWAT team decided the best way to fulfill their mission was to knock in the Bishop's door handcuff Sherrona as they tore through her home. Sherrona explains with disappointment that 3 of her children were home and witnessed the brutal over use of force and will never forget it.

Sherrona spoke of her support for law enforcement siting she stands with back the blue, but what happened in her home on Tuesday morning was nothing which would encompass the policies of law enforcement. She described it as brute force not professional, and disappointing to say the least.

The charges on the search warrant were astounding as well. Sherrona stated the charges related to the search warrant were "conspiracy to commit wire fraud received through electronics transmission". She said "I have no idea what that is or what that would be. People who are looking into this and reading's just not passing the sniff test at all"

In the past few years, in this country the American people have been shown the depth of the corruption in our Government, slithering down into branches of power. This case with Sherrona mirrors this tyrannical corruption as well. It is not surprising or out of character of the current Government to invent situations to silence those who speak light into the very dark corners of hidden agendas.Tuesdays actions by the Governing forces can be described as nothing less than strong arm tactics to silent Sherrona.

Sherrona has quickly become an Icon for thousands of concerned parents across this nation. Her voice can be heard on many platforms in the rise against school boards, their misuse of power, and the attack on our children. She has no doubt been an inspiration for many parents. The movement in Colorado has taken some wins in recent elections and local mandates. These wins in smaller communities have been a catalyst of encouragement for other communities to take back the parental control in public schools.

Sherrona has also been pivotal in the election fraud in Mesa county,using her voice and platforms to support Tina Peters Mesa county Clerk. Tina Peters also has been targeted, and hit hard because of her stand on election integrity. The persecution of people who stand for truth who just want fairness and justice speaks for itself. If the election process has nothing to hide why go after people asking for transparency? This persecution and tyrannical use of power only validated there is something corrupt, something monstrous being hidden. Those who have something to hide want to attack law abiding citizens who speak out. Those who have their hand in the cookie jar would rather the closet door remain shut and stop exposure at any cost.

Sherrona spoke on Mesa County District Attorney, Daniel P. Rubinstein and his role in this. Mesa County District Attorney posted proudly and publicly that he was responsible for these search warrants. She also touched on her disbelief of how this same district attorney does not look into the high crime rate in mesa county including human trafficking and the rise in murders but has all the time he needs to go after Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters personal life with her husband.Tina Peters home was also raided.

Sherrona spoke on these events being a reflection of the illegitimate dictators that's running this country. These over reach of powers stem from concerned citizens wondering and asking questions about election integrity and questions concerning what is happening in our public schools. Average Americans speaking up asking questions and demanding transparency would now seem criminal. One can almost hear our constitution being torn apart "I don't know what this is going to look like going forward, I never believed something like this would ever happen in America"

Sherrona mentioned Hunter Biden's laptop, that it still has not been investigated nor the crimes of humanity on that laptop, yet the DOJ has time to go to a suburban housewife's home and terrorize her family.

She also informed the Zoom group that the District Attorney for Mesa county Dan Rubinstein rushed out to make a public statement, telling the readers there was no use of force. What could be surmised from his statement is the Bishop's locked door magically opened probably with some polite and kind words from the SWAT team.

The American People have seen over and over again how public figures can put what ever they want out in a statement, what ever dialogue to cover their tracks. Not only do they get away with it, but main street media rushes in behind them to shove it down the throats of Americans. Then it is replayed time and time again until the listeners and readers accept it for fact.

Sherrona has been transparent 100 percent of the time, she said anyone could have reached out to her at anytime. She recounted a book she had read several times now." Ordinary Men." She explained how the story was about police officers ordinary men who had to decide if they were going to follow their conscience or obey orders. She related this to the events of Tuesday morning when she asked several of the SWAT team if they knew what they were doing?.. had they read the report?..did they have understanding?. The replies she received were consistently...." we're just doing our job".

Law enforcement and government officials all take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. We have become a nation where this oath is loosing validity. If Americans do not soon wake up we could be revisiting the horrible memories of Hitler and the terror he enforced.

Retired Colonel Shawn Smith was also present in the Zoom Meeting.

He talked about the many conversations he has been having with other Military officers. and Commanders. These conversations involved the discussion about the Department of Defense, the absolute traitors at the top of the DOD. He has read over 120 medical journals and looked deep into different research involving the Covid vaccine, the MNRa and vaccine injuries. He said ( Para-phrasing) in his opinion mandated the vaccine to the military is immoral. Any Officer, Commander who conveys this immoral order is betraying their oath and betraying the troops.

"It is not a breech in trust you can come back from, it breaks my heart"

Colonel Smith went into depth on if he had not retired, he would most likely be court marshaled by now. "No one can make you betray your oath" He touched on the law enforcement and how we are seeing this these days, with law enforcement officers who are betraying their oath. He called out District Attorney Rubinstein for betraying his oath as well and that the DA should be the one who is being investigated.

"Our Justice Department has been grossly politicized and now over time they have become super empowered and maybe a little desperate. You can see nothing is working unless their plan was the destruction of this Nation"

What happened to America's Mom, Sherrona Bishop should deeply disturb every citizen of this Nation. When the DOJ can target someone over freedom of Speech we are at an extremely dangerous point in time. When local Judicial branches such as Judges and District attorneys can betray their oath for what ever reason that may be, America as we know it is in great peril. This Great God given Nation founded on Principles of Freedom and Justice is being gravely injured every day. We should hope and pray to Almighty God that this Nations injuries never gets to a point of no return.

Photo by Blue Ridge Christian News

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