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Allen Maez Still Chairman


I am pleased to report that Allen Maez is still the Chairman, despite two attempts by committee members to remove him.

Allen was supposedly removed at a meeting held on February 23, 2022, with a vote by attendees of 19 to 1. The Colorado State Republican Executive Committee ruled on March 27, 2022, that this meeting and this vote was invalid because the current and proper By-Laws were not followed.

The entire year of 2021 exposes how important clearly written and clearly followed By-Laws are. It has been a constant argument most of the year that "my interpretation is right" and "No, you are wrong, that is not what the By-Laws state" and "yes, they do" and "No they don't". On and on and on. That is why we needed an appropriate outside group to decide on the correct interpretation in this contentious situation.

Now we have that decision from the State Executive Committee, we should follow it and move on.

Yes, the MCRCC must form a new By-Laws Committee to work hard on creating easily read and easily interpreted By-Laws. They need to be rewritten to have no question as to their meaning. Then there needs to be a properly called meeting to discuss and the proper percent of members to pass these revised By-Laws.

BUT this 2022 Election Year is TOO IMPORTANT to spend our time arguing or complaining about who is chairman. We all need to WORK TOGETHER for the Republicans to have a chance to make Colorado RED again. We must win despite a corrupt Governor, Secretary of State and AG, and despite all the fraud that is in our election system right now. There are mountains of evidence of criminal activities in the 2020 election, so we must work ten times as hard to overcome the cheating that will certainly occur again in November 2022.

If God so moves to change the hearts and minds of our present corrupt State elected officials, then maybe we can have a free and fair election in November. We can pray for that, but God also expects us to stand up for our rights and do our part to fight for that goal.

Please PRAY for our county, our state and our country.

May God bless America.

Lori York, DVM

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I am praying that the election fraud is taken care of, and that our Country turns back to God. We were the greatest country because of our belief in God.


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