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A Welcome From the Editor

By Sherry Simmons, Editor

Those who know me, understand my love for Almighty God and Jesus my Savior. Also evident is my passion for the freedoms and liberties granted by God and in our Constitution of the United States of America.

It is from this love and passion that I envisioned this news outlet. I want to Honor Almighty God and bring a balance to the often biased media we are subject to. I also want to give this news outlet to my community, for community participation and to be community operated. I hope to share news and events that are important and personal to our community members.

The Cortez Chronicles is open for people to share their experiences as they attend events, witness news, or need help in getting the word out on community stories.

My hope is a more balanced news coverage that can build a bridge to the division we are experiencing. There are always two sides to a story but often we hear only one.

My mission is to honor God, while serving the community and bring balanced news to all who read.

Thank you for visiting The Cortez Chronicles. Please be patient as we learn and build an awesome news source for you.

Sherry Simmons

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Thank you Sherry! We need this. This country was based on a biblical foundation and for too long we have been accepting of evil going on around us because good people mind their own business and live their own lives. We are being sensored and manipulated everywhere these days and so yes! I am all for ignorant comments being dismissed. I want real news, not anyone's opinion. f it's not biblical it's not in line with America


Are you going to allow dissent or are you going to delete comments/posts you disagree with?

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