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A Very Dangerous Game With Our Children's Mental Welfare.


By Lynn Ward

Happy New Year, I hope you had a blessed Christmas. If the school systems teach SEL, they are allowing the State to play a very dangerous game with our children's mental welfare. The State is forcing our teachers to do a job that they're not qualified nor equipped to handle. As wonderful as our teachers are, they're not psychologist nor do they have the credentials to fulfill this obligation. It would be like hiring a plumber to fix your electricity. No matter how good the plumber is at his job, he's not properly trained or certified to do the electricians job. Wires will get crossed somewhere, 1 small mistake can cause catastrophic consequences. It only takes 1 direct short to burn down the whole structure, SEL is the direct short. The human brain is the breaker box for our very complex wiring system. Human emotion is the main power supply, it is responsible for every electrical current in our body, and responsible for failure or success. It contains so much power that it alone can melt every circuit in our breaker box. Emotions control every action and reaction. It's responsible for your happiness, sadness, will to live, will to succeed. All your desires, fears, your behavior, self esteem, self control, and self awareness. It also controls the most dangerous of all anger, rage and self destruction. SEL now have these plumbers rewiring our children's electrical systems, mistakes are going to be made. If you have a wiring harness that is differently colored on each side. Your plumber might put the green wire to the yellow wire, simply because they're similar in color. He hasn't had the training nor the proper equipment to trace and direct the current to it's proper short. Suicide ideology, premature sexuality, shame, guilt, diversity, implanting the idea they are not safe, embarrassment, humiliation and the total lack of CORE academics. These are all getting pumped into our breaker box, unknowingly by our plumbers because of the agenda supplied by the SEL toolkit. Every electrician knows that when you're working on the main power supply, you only have 1or 2 experts in charge of that line. This is because they have to be at the same educational level and have the same working knowledge of the current and how it works, to avoid deadly power surges. Also because if you have too many electricians doing the same task, they'll overload the work area and wires are going to get crossed, causing the direct short and possibly a complete blackout. This is why it's imperative to delegate the proper contractor to the proper job, even in the blueprint phase. We need our teachers to get back to doing what they are so wonderful at, teaching academics. Our schools have to be a safe learning place for all, not a sexuality programming clinic nor a diversity/shaming based torture chamber. And it's imperative that our schools have an ethical, trustworthy professional school psychologist.

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I love this article, nailed it!

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