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A Report on the 2024 Colorado State GOP Assemblies

By Valerie Maez

This year the Colorado State Republican Party held its Assemblies in Pueblo which I attended along with about 3,000 other folks. It was an incredibly busy four days. Two days to travel there and back. One day for the Congressional District Assemblies, State Senate Districts, and  State House Districts. Saturday was reserved for the actual State GOP Assembly.

From my perspective I could do without two days of travel and would like to see that next time the Republican Party selects a West Slope locale. Grand Junction would be acceptable. Durango would be simply marvelous. Just a thought.

Also from my perspective, the overall results were quite good.

One of the agenda items at the Colorado State Republican Assembly is to act on Resolutions that came out of all the County Assemblies. Of the actions accepted by the State Republican Assembly, the one of greatest interest was the the one on whether or not to close the Republican Primary to just registered Republicans. That resolution was passed, to take effect in 2026.

The Congressional District 3 Assembly had six individuals participate as candidates. In alphabetical order, they were Russ Andrews, Ron Hanks, Robin Heid, Austin O’Connell, Sampson Ramirez, and Stephen Varela. Mr. Ramirez self nominated from the floor. Mr. Andrews, who has filed  his candidate petition with the Secretary of State that has yet to be certified by that office had a lower bar to be placed on the June ballot. He only needed to garner 10 percent of the delegates votes where the other five needed to clear at least 30 percent. It should be noted the other candidates who are petitioning onto the June ballot did not participate in the Assembly. Mr. Andrews received 17.8 percent, which places him on the June Primary ballot. Ron Hanks and Stephen Varela received 32.0 and 33.5 percent each that also places them on the ballot. Besides Mr. Andrews, Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s office has not yet certified the petitions of Jeff Hurd, Joe Granado, and Lew Webb.  Griswold has certified the eligibility of the petition Curtis McCrackin filed. That leaves a potential of 7 Republican candidates for voters to consider on their June ballot. Remember, not all Republicans are the same!

As you may have heard, our Congresswoman Lauren Boebert won the top spot on the CD 4 ballot. You also probably heard about the Colorado Sun reporter, Sandra Fish, being escorted out due to her journalism being deemed “unfair” by State GOP leadership. The truth is, Ms. Fish, does not always adhere to original source reporting in her writings. It is also true that Ms. Fish was informed she would not be allowed into the assembly prior to the opening and she chose to ignore that decision. When it came to the attention of State GOP leadership she was escorted out. Ms. Fish alone is responsible for her actions.

Both Brenda Krage and Sherri Wright received nominations to the June Primary ballot as Board of Education candidates.

Kristine Sapato and Raymond Scott both were elevated to the ballot for C.U. Regent from the Third Congressional District.

Colorado Republicans hold an election for a National Committee Man and a National Committee Women to represent us on the Republican National Committee. Randy Corporon and Christy Fidura were selected.

Our State Senate District 6 nominated incumbent Republican State Senator Cleave Simpson to the Primary Ballot in June. Senator Simpson received 100% approval from the delegation.

Montezuma County has two State House Districts, HD 59 and HD 58.

Clark Craig was the only Republican candidate for HD 59 at that assembly which was held separately in Durango on March 30th.

State House District 58, which consists of three precincts (Precincts 1, 3, and 4), has two Republican candidates that both achieved the 30% vote mark in Pueblo to be elevated onto the June ballot. Former Montezuma County Commissioner and local rancher Larry Don Suckla received just under 60% of the vote. Mark Roeber of Delta County received 31 percent.

Be sure to drop into Conservative Grounds at 11 North Broadway if, as a voter,  you have any questions on the candidates.

Republican Women of Montezuma County  and associates are well informed and they are there to answer any questions you may have. They are open from 9 am to 2pm Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to noon Saturday.

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