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A Predator Without A face

By Lynn Ward

Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth: those are the 7 deadly sins. They all have 1 key factor in common, Emotion. An unchecked or under developed emotion has always been the biggest danger to man kind. Emotions are blind, stupid and misleading. They're truly the root of all evil, but at the same time, the root of all that is good. Emotions are the most powerful thing that we humans possess. Social behavior is also another key radical learn component. Social acceptance, social standing and social perception drives a person to either try harder or quit. Every person needs the acceptance on some level, they need to know that they fit in and they can be noticed and not wrongly judged. However social behavior is again driven by emotion. He who controls the emotions, controls the person. Predators of all kinds, have always used emotion since the beginning of time to trap their victims. They assure them that they are loved, accepted, safe, secure and everything that emotion feeds off of. The predator will stop at nothing and will sacrifice everyone and everything just to fulfill their own personal emotional needs. (agenda) This behavior used to be nameless and unacceptable, now it is everywhere in everything we do. We are all now even being taught to speak it's language. It's in almost every social interaction, and yes it has infested our children's safe place...their schools. This faceless danger is now called SEL (social emotional learning). SEL is an integral part of education and human development. This is their polite way of saying they're going to indoctrinate us -ALL. It is being used in our communities, families, caregivers, schools and classrooms. SEL became the vehicle to teach their ideologies. Mask mandate: emotional motivation for hating each other. Vaccine: emotional motivation to hating each other. Sexuality: emotional motivation to hating each other. Staffing shortage: is to emotionally motivate us into thinking that there's only 1 possible resolution to our problem.

SEL can be detected by the road block in front of the resolution, it's my way or no way, collective thinking. These are the same techniques used by Adolf Hitler, (psychology of coercion). "Speak to people's emotions and keep them stirred." Hitler used SEL to turn people on each other, take their children, devide families, and take over the country. Phase 1 is almost complete and they're starting Phase 2. Do not be fooled, they are political predators and they're coming for our children. Why would you willingly put in and keep curriculum that is not even up to State Standards? This curriculum was designed and published by the Collaborative academic social emotional learning (CASEL), bought and paid for by Bill Gates. Wit and Wisdom is the curriculum that has been adopted to push these ideologies onto our children and us. We MUST protect our children! We can no longer just be bears, we all must unite and become wolves. This is far too big to do alone, we need to be a furious pack.

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If you are silent in the face of tyranny, then you are complicit!

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