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A Deeper Look How Bias Journalism is Dividing the Divided Part 1 (CRT)

Part 1

By Mindy Nelson

"A Divide as Sharp and Deep", written by the Four Corners Free Press by no surprise, would seem quite bent and twisted. The article title would have one think that it would fairly address both opposing sides. Let's take a deeper look:

This staff shortage isn’t just prevalent at the school level; it is because the Federal Government is trying to destroy the Constitution, along with Free Enterprise which are the very things that our nation has been founded upon. This decline started with the government lock downs, and those who managed to hang on are being hit again. The unemployment crisis has hit every business, and professions across this nation. A shortage of staff in our schools is a nation wide problem and is not the only problem that our schools face.

They are teaching our children - what to think. It is a proven fact that repeating something 42 times becomes memorized in the brain.

"Repetition creates long term memory by eliciting or enacting strong chemical interactions at the synapse of your neuron (where neurons connect to other neurons). Repetition creates the strongest learning—and most learning—both implicit (like tying your shoes) and explicit (multiplication tables) relies on repetition.Jan 11, 2015 "

In short and simple terms, repeating information becomes memory. CRT teaches (I use the word" teach" loosely), it should be " indoctrinates", that we fit into two categories. You are either the oppressed or the oppressor. CRT is in our school curriculum and has been for sometime. Our failing academic scores speak truth to this.

Here is yet another hidden deception. The Journal and the Free Press made it sound as if school board members, John Schuenemeyer and Chris Flaherty, both resigned. The reader most likely would believe that both men resigned due to the the constant out cry about CRT from the community. This may be true in part; however both men had just one meeting left. Schuenemeyer’s 12 year term was up and Flaherty had recently decided not to run for the board again and pulled his petition.

It was stated in the Free Press: "The topic of critical race theory (CRT) elicited a number of comments. CRT is a subject generally taught in graduate-school level, but has become a rally cry for some on the right, who say it is now being taught in K -12."

The "right"? Is there "right" and"left" when it comes to our children's education? It would seem the word "right" could be inserted to switch this discussion into a political one. As if the ones opposing CRT are only comprised of all those dreaded Trump supporters.

This is something that is going on nationwide. Researchers have proven this to be true. CRT is an ideology that started in universities. The curriculum that was pushed through with no review by our local school board, Wit and Wisdom, has failed curricular review for 3–5 grades twice. It has never passed the curricular review nationwide and is full of hate, sexuality and racism. School should be a place for learning reading, writing and Arithmetic.

(If you haven't had an opportunity to view the video below, please take a look, it explains much)

Wit and Wisdom is the CRT filled curriculum that the Montezuma RE1 School Board approved.

It has been stated over and over again in some venues, that many citizens’ comments come from those of who do not have children in the schools. Were any of the people who have commented about this subject been asked this question? It is just as much a responsibility for a grandparent and/or a tax payer to protect our children. Grandparents are the elite parent and have just as much of a voice. Taxpayers pay out a very large portion of their tax bill to the schools and very much have a place for voicing their opinions. Colorado is a Locally Governed state and we all must remember that. What is being taught in our schools should deeply concern everyone. The children are the future of our community.

There was comment in the Free Press, complaining about the supposed teaching of the CRT in classes and criticizing a lunch group formed for LGBTQ and other students. On the other hand, a number of teachers and citizens spoke in favor of keeping the current curriculum and in support of the weekly meeting of what’s now called the Lunch Bunch.( aka Rainbow


We will look deeper into the Rainbow Club-lunch bunch in part 2.

We need to know ! It is widely recognized and known that CRT is an ideology NOT a curriculum. The citizens that they spoke of in the article are the citizens that were down on Main Street this summer carrying" Black Lives Matter," and Antifa signs.

In the Free Press, the article stated, “We can handle the lack of substitutes, but now we have to deal with the lack of support and the belittling from some in the community. We feel hated, not supported.”

I believe that this is being reported due to what was said in the second Curriculum Review committee meeting, ( This Curriculum Review Committee was formed to investigate the current, newly adopted curriculum. ) A curriculum in which most committee members had little input into the process of adoption, much less, any direct knowledge of content. The curriculum was being discussed and after deep research by one of the community members, mention was made of much dark ideology and themes stemming from the teacher’s manual. A teacher, on the committee, was very offended and stated that she thinks for herself and the teacher's manual doesn’t do it for her. This teacher and other instructional members of the committee further reported that they don’t teach CRT and teachers are thinking human beings and know what to leave out. (My question then is : should we have a curriculum that teachers must weed out inappropriate material?}

Various teachers that attended the school board meeting on September 21, were dressed in rainbow colors and were in the overflow room making loud comments and causing commotion. Other community members in attendance thought that they were kids and then realized they were,in fact, some of our teachers.

(photo from book attached to Wit and Wisdom curriculum)

One only needs to go into the elementary schools and research the books that are being handed out to the children in the second grade; he/she will see that these books are not age appropriate.

WARNING- in video below , Mom reads graphic Wit and Wisdom content to school board

So what IS the problem? As school board member Shari Noyes said, if CRT is not being taught in the schools there shouldn't be a problem with passing the resolution because it shouldn’t affect anyone. It should be noted that the Cortez RE-1 School Board recently voted a resolution in place opposing CRT in the schools. Will this bring red flags? The powers that be in Washington seem to be serious at having CRT remain as a part of all public education.

However, it has recently been reported,in numerous, verified reports across the internet that the United States Attorney General's daughter, Rebecca Garland, is married to the co-founder of Panorama Education. This is a group that is said to utilize Critical Race Theory teachings and surveys, and has contracts with numerous school boards across the country. Questions are now being raised as to what extent government officials will go to protect personal agendas.


The Colorado Healthy Kids Survey is full of CRT. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the district receives grant money for promoting this survey. After having students complete the survey, they can apply for 7 different grants that bring in more and more government top down control.

Here is a a sample of the survey: (complete survey can be found at the bottom of this column)

1. How old are you?

A. 10 years old or younger

B. 11 years old

C. 12 years old

D. 13 years old

E. 14 years old

F. 15 years old

G. 16 years old or older

3. What is your gender identity?

A. Female

B. Male

C. Genderqueer/Nonbinary

D. I do not know my gender identity (questioning)

E. I have a different identity

( You can find the full survey at the bottom of this column )

Thankfully, the principal at Cortez Middle School opted out of this survey this year knowing that the content of the survey was unacceptable for these students. However, the Montezuma-Cortez High School principal gave permission for students to complete, what they are calling, the censored version.(Again, why do we have any material that requires censoring?) There is nothing "soft" about this survey and much of its contents go against the new resolution opposing CRT. School district teachers are saying that they are short staffed and can’t even take a lunch hour. Why would they be wasting precious time taking up a whole hour/class period on something like this that doesn't teach Reading, Writing, or Math?

It states in the questions of this survey that Data from the CHKS can be utilized to:

• Provide data to support funding requests

What funding requests do they actually support ? Grants that we don't want in the first place that bring in more top down government control at the local level, that further take away or limit our freedom and liberty. Notice all the bold words, for psychological perspective of the mind set?

Below is the pdf for the survey including opt out form:

It was also stated in the Free Press: A conservative nonprofit called the Center for Renewing America, for instance ( states, that CRT is a form of Marxism and“in order to revitalize the American spirit and restore our great nation, this far-left ideology must be defeated”.

You, then, be the judge for yourself. There have been many, many hours of research by the Mom’s for Liberty.

Previous mention was made by a teacher that they, “want to continue teaching our curriculum without fear we will be forced to start over.”

This curriculum was never adequately reviewed by the school board or parents. When interested parents went into the school district administration office back in April 2021, asking to look at the curriculum, there was one copy of various grade levels, and no available curriculum for review for the 7th grade. Concerned parents and other community members that attempted to gain access to view the curriculum were then misdirected by former Curriculum/Instruction Director Jeannette Allen. Ms. Allen lead them to the website which only led interested persons to a marketing advertisement. It was also mentioned in the RE1 website that there was a website to enter for review. There was nothing. You would think with today’s technology, they could have digitally posted this onto the school district website for all to see. This is yet another reason that this curriculum should be discarded and a new curriculum reviewed thoroughly before adoption.

The public deserves to know that they are shadowing our names, and are often mis-quoting us. These people were not on Zoom. The community members and parents that attend board meetings know that there is no public comment through Zoom. With the misquote that the Cortez Language Club was killed (when, in fact, it was the Land Use Code that was Killed); this article demonstrated that they want us to recognize the upstanding, the well educated, the very ones with their social emotional behavior appeal, and want to redirect us from others' differing beliefs.

This is all part of collective thinking.

For instance, The Land Use Code was killed, not the Cortez Language Club

I hope this sheds some light on gray areas of journalism.

Healthy Kids Colorado Survey: Middle School

This document includes all questions on the middle school version of the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey. When administered online, skip logic is used to streamline the survey experience.


You are about to take the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey. This survey is about your health and things that affect your health. Your answers are very important and will help your school, community, and state policy-makers improve health programs for people your age right here in Colorado.

This survey is completely anonymous, meaning the answers you give will be kept private. No one will know what you answer and your responses cannot be tied to your student login or device in any way.

Completing the survey is voluntary. You may choose not to answer some or all of the questions. If you are not comfortable answering a question, just leave it blank. Whether or not you answer the questions will not affect your grade in this class.

When you have completed your survey, please read or sit quietly to allow everyone to finish in silence. Thank you for your participation!

1. How old are you?

A. 10 years old or younger

B. 11 years old

C. 12 years old

D. 13 years old

E. 14 years old

F. 15 years old

G. 16 years old or older

2. In what grade are you?

A. 6th grade

B. 7th grade

C. 8th grade

D. Ungraded or other grade

3. What is your gender identity?

A. Female

B. Male

C. Genderqueer/Nonbinary

D. I do not know my gender identity (questioning)

E. I have a different identity

4. Some people describe themselves as transgender when their sex at birth does not match the way they think or feel about their gender. Are you transgender?

A. No, I am not transgender

B. Yes, I am transgender

C. I am not sure if I am transgender

D. I do not know what this question is asking

Page 1 of 13

5. Which of the following best describes you?

A. Heterosexual (straight)

B. Gay or lesbian

C. Bisexual

D. Asexual

E. I describe my sexual identity some other way

F. I am not sure about my sexual identity (questioning)

G. I do not know what this question is asking

6. What racial or ethnic identity do you most identify with? (Select all that apply.)

A. American Indian or Alaska Native

B. Black or African American

C. East or Southeast Asian

D. Hispanic or Latinx

E. Middle Eastern, North African, or Arab

F. Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander

G. South Asian

H. White

I. Other

7. What is the highest level of schooling your mother completed?

A. Completed grade school or less

B. Some high school

C. Completed high school

D. Some college

E. Completed college

F. Graduate or professional school

G. Not sure

8. Do you have any physical disabilities or long-term health problems? (Long-term means 6 months or more.) A. Yes

B. No

C. Not sure

9. Do you have any long-term emotional problems or learning disabilities? (Long-term means 6 months or more.) A. Yes

B. No

C. Not sure

The next section asks about safety.

10. When you ride a bicycle, how often do you wear a helmet?

A. I do not ride a bicycle

B. Never wear a helmet

C. Rarely wear a helmet