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A Daughters Heart

I’ve been trying to find the words, but I can’t seem to other than you always think there will be more time. You think there will always be someday in the future to make plans, new memories, and make up for lost time. The world will be a little less bright of a place with out my Dad Joel Stevenson. I grew up with him, not knowing he was my dad until I was 29. I worked with him every Wednesday at the sale barn, just thinking what a nice helpful guy he was always looking out for me. Little did I know he was taking a back seat and doing what he thought was best for me at the time. I appreciate so much having gotten to know him as my Dad over the last several years, and the family I’ve gained in the process has been nothing short of incredible. His happy place was definitely out on the range trailing some cows, and I know right now he’s on a damn good horse doing just that. Rest peacefully Joe.

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Chelsi, my heart sure hurts for you and all his family. Love and Prayers for you. ❤️ Glenna Oliver

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