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A Conservative Day In Montezuma County

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Lori York of the Colorado Federation of Republican Women District III Meeting introduces speakers

May 25, 2022

By Sherry Simmons

May 14th was a busy day in small town Cortez. Conservatives from different counties gathered at the Ute Cafe Parking lot. It was a meet and greet with special guests, Senate Candidate Ron Hanks, Colorado Secretary Of State Candidate Tina Peters, and America's Mom Sherronna Bishop. The rally began with Ron Hanks and Tina Peters being lifted by a boom in the air above a giant American Flag.

Ted Gray of Canopy Tree Specialist hoisted the flag and the two candidates high above the crowd. Mike Attaberry a local patriot had made a special brace for the extra large flag. When the two candidates were lifted the crowd recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Everyone agreed it was really a spectacular moment.

Senate Candidate Ron Hanks addressed the crowd first. He spoke of his willingness to fight for the people. He told the crowd of his goals and dedication all centering around the much needed healing of our economy and our Country, Tina Peters Secretary of State candidate,filled the crowd in on her continued fight for election integrity. She spoke boldly and bravely about not backing down and the need for a change in direction for this country, this state and our election honesty. Time went by fast and the three guest speakers left on their way to the next event. Many of the crowd followed as well for the next venue was a delightful meeting hosted by the Colorado Federation of Republican Women District III. The meeting was held at the Montezuma county Annex building. As you walked in the crowd was busy engaging in conversations.

The tables were arrayed with red white and blue decorations. There was a wonderful aroma of lunch being prepared by End of the Trail Catering Service, Shannon and Wendel Englehart. The Key speakers were Ron Hanks Senate Candidate,

Tina Peters Colorado Secretary of State Candidate and Debbie Gorgatos Host of"America Can We talk '' radio show and podcast.

Americas Mom Sherrona Bishop and Colorado Secretary of State Candidate Tina Peters

Debbie Georgatos of America, can we talk?

The meeting started with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Lori York, a member of the Montezuma Republican Women hosted and introduced the speakers for the day. Candidate Ron Hanks addressed the crowd with his vision for the state. He spoke about inflation, gas, milk, truckers and the hurt of the cost of fuel on the American People. "The Government is behind on the approval of over 1000 fracking permits" Ron told the audience. He went further into describing how the cost of fuel is the catalyst for our declining economy. He also talked about the supply chains and the need to put manufacturing back into this country. "we should not be relying on china, its a matter of national security." He also spoke about the education system and the need to eliminate the union of the Department of Education. There was a round of applause as everyone in attendance agreed with the horrible condition this nation's educational system is in. Ron Hanks is running for The US Senates, his ideas and knowledge of practical solutions is what Colorado and this Nation is in need of. Mr. Hanks finished his talk with a very large applause from those attending. Tina Peters is running for Colorado Secretary of State.

Tina has become a household name in connection to voting integrity. She gave a brief account of the hurdles she has been going through in her continued efforts to expose voter fraud. She told the audience of her duties as County Clerk, her commitment to this country and the attacks which have been whirled her way. One could not help but respect her commitment, through her story and the determination in her spirit. With the spirit of a warrior, a fighters determination and the character of honesty Tina is a blessing to this state.

Debbie’s Georgatos talk... she was on fire! She talks very fast, which she said because she was born in New York, and she was hitting the crowd with info like crazy!

She came out witTrump won..

And she repeated that.and she said that Biden is illegitimate, and that we should consider our country to now be an “occupied country” . then she went into Biden’s corruption starting with his being “picked” to be the senator from Delaware, just as long as he did what he was told.

hen she talked about how America was so unique and great, and that , according to Sidney Powell, we were already OVER the cliff towards communism, we were just grasping at the roots on the way down.

She insisted that the definite majority of Americans do NOT want communism, and her solution was for us to STAND UP and make ourselves heard. "Fill the streets and do not budge until changes are made for the better. We have to protest in the millions and do not go home until they listen to us."

You can visit Debbies site at:

All in all it was an information packed day for Montezuma County.

Shelli Shaw Republican primary candidate for Colorado House of Representatives District 59 and Allen Maez were among the audience.

Edited June 1 ,2022

Lets keep our eyes on all of these people and pray for God to clear the path for victory.

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