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912 Newsbytes: BOCC Notes, Plus 5-14-24

By Dexter Gill

The meeting started with usual Land Use issues.  Proposal on a property in Mancos area was all “good to go”, EXCEPT that the required public notice had the actual address incorrect, as one number had been omitted. In today’s lawsuit mentality, it was decided to “continue” the hearing to June 4th. To provide time for the corrected address in the public notice to re-advertised.

Northwest Pipeline LLC, was requesting a “Rezoning (AR10-34  to Heavy Industrial) and High Impact permit”, to the grandfathered pre-existing compressor station.  Purpose was to, 1. Provide for expansion of facility to install new “Air Cleaning facility”, to comply with new State and Fed  Codes, and 2. To have Zoning depict “actual use” of the Land.  After much discussion, the grandfathered facility was “ Temporary Special Use” within the AR Zoning, and fears were expressed that a Zoning change would raise the specter of “Spot Zoning”, and open the door for further requests .  End decision was to deny the Zoning change, which does not affect the upgrading, and the “actual use” will not change  in our life times.  The High Impact Permit was approved for the upgrading.  Again, this shows the “subjectivity” of the LUC, leaving future use proposals with uncertainty of what to do.

Montezuma Water Company requested a variance on set back from property line due to need for expanded new treatment plant/equipment.  After much discussion on safety and future expansion needs, the variance was approved.

Veterans office has selected a new director, who will arrive in July.  After interviewing several applicants,  Ms. Ashley Garrett , who will retire from military service in July was selected as having highest qualifications and experience to “come home” to continue the service for our local Veterans. Mr. Torres will hopefully be continuing to welcome Ms. Garrett.

OTHER- The Canyon of the Ancients/BLM were “no shows”, typical.  Ironwood mill legal issues now debating definition of “wood waste”.  Isn’t that kinda like Clintons definition of “what does it mean”?

State legislation of SB24-233  regarding changes in property tax claims to help property tax owners, and schools, will cut funding for County Government and special districts, such as Fire,  Water, etc. (Question-WHY is the State telling Counties how Counties are to tax themselves)?

The Legislature session is over, the Governor now has a LOT of Bills to sign or veto.  Today the Denver Post reported the Governor stating that they (he and his legislators) have been really fighting against the federal EPA over all the environmental laws.  Uuuhhhh he has been pushing the environmental laws harder locally with his UN Climate Goals “environmental roadmap”.  So will see if he vetoes all of his own environmental Bills??  Anyway here is a small analysis of some of the Bills that may be of interest to you.

Lots of federal land issues going on, so may be passing on some info on those in separate e-mails.  That is all for now

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