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Wrap your Presents with "Let's Go Brandon" Wrapping Paper

And drive your liberal family members crazy. LOL. Here is a suggestion for your Christmas Shopping. Go to They have ornaments and t-shirts also!

Company That Made Viral ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Wrapping Paper on Target to Double Last Year’s Sales

By Cassandra Fairbanks Published November 30, 2022 at 9:46pm

at The Gateway Pundit

The conservative apparel and lifestyle company behind last year’s viral “Let’s Go Brandon” wrapping paper is on target to double last year’s sales. The company behind the gift wrap, Freedom Speaks Up, has marketed the wrapping paper as a way to troll your liberal relatives over the holidays. In a press release about the massive sales, the owner of the company, Seth Weathers, said that he started making it on a whim in 2021 — but it resulted in over 500,000 sq.ft. of the novelty wrapping paper sold. “This year is going to be double what it was in 2021!” said Weathers. Weathers continued, “We did approximately $1 million in wrapping paper sales last year. We’re on target to double it this year. This may be the only time Joe Biden has boosted a small business.”

Weathers also created new designs for this year, including a “Merry Easter” print mocking Joe Biden. “We’re having tons of fun with this, there’s no way to spend $20 bucks and get more smiles on Christmas morning,” added Weathers.

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