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"Take Our Border Back" Convoy Starts Today

MAGA truck convoy called 'Army of God' heads to southern border as experts warn border crisis likely to get even WORSE after record 302,000 migrants crossed over into the US

  • A massive convoy of truckers is making its way to migrant hotspots in a bid to shame the White House into tackling the worsening crisis 

  • Freedom Train International, the organization behind the convoy, is a 'freedom and resistance movement with thousands of members around the world'

PUBLISHED: 15:15 EST, 27 January 2024 | UPDATED: 10:09 EST, 28 January 2024

The massive convoy of truckers is making its way to three migrant hotspots across three states in a bid to shame the White House into tackling the worsening crisis.

Hundreds - possibly thousands - of big rigs are planning to head for Eagle Pass in Texas, Yuma in Arizona and San Ysidro in California from January 29 for the four-day 'Take Back Our Border' event.

They hope the eye-catching, all-American protest will draw further attention to record numbers of migrants crossing the southern border and into the US, with multiple cities now buckling under the weight of trying to care for them.

Congressman Keith Self, a Republican representative from Texas said: 'Once again, the truckers are standing for We the People.

'The time is NOW to take action and secure our borders!'

The development is the latest in an increasingly heated and chaotic political fight over whether Texas can ignore or supersede the federal government - as Gov. Greg Abbott accuses the Biden Administration of not doing enough to stem the flow of illegal immigrants into the Lone Star State.

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All the governors and truckers and everyone supporting Governor Abbott and the Texas border are awesome. I wish Colorado was one of the states supporting them. The old Colorado we love would definitely be behind them. I wish all the liberals who have over run Denver and surrounding areas would take a good luck at the garbage dump they are turning our state into and change their votes to Republicans. I can't imagine they can feel better about what they've done. Take a good look at how you have changed Colorado. You came here because it was a state with good people, beautiful scenery and fresh air. Go out and fill your lungs and see if it is still t…

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