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Systematic Deception Documentary Trailer

There is more and more truth surfacing exposing the deception in this country.

Below is the trailer to Systematic Deception - Documentary. An opportunity to see through the darkness.

Frank Panico

"Systematic Deception" - Sam and Kevin Sorbo are executive producers of this documentary project and Lisa Noel Babbage holds a production title. The movie is filmed, directer and written by Frank X. Panico and co-produced by LaNell Babbage Torres.

Allen West, Kim Klacik, Alveda King and CL Bryant are just a few of the intriguing interviewees. We are confident that the subject matter will be both informative and highly entertaining.

The film, inspired by a book by Lisa Noel Babbage titled "The Black History Bible," focuses on exposing the insidious tactics of the Democratic party and how they lie to the Black community to keep them on the Democratic plantation, but will be covering other hot button topics too. We feel that it is imperative to inform the entire world of the diabolical tactics of the government and highlight the righteous black community fighting to save out nation.

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Read books by Dinesh D'Souza-not only are they trying to put all "people of color" on the plantation-they want all of us on the plantation, bowing down to the false god of government.

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