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State Assembly Audit Update

April 12, 2022

State assembly audit update: Many of you are concerned with the 1400 duplicates in the governors race, especially where one clicker voted 24 times. According to KBB only one vote would count; the last one submitted. However the time stamps make zero sense and each of of you has reached out to verify which one of your many votes counted. The answer from my team: If you only tracked the serial number on the back which allows you to see your votes multiple times, you cannot verify who you voted for if you voted for numerous numbers without the time stamp. Like 2/5? Who did your vote go to? If you only tracked the number on the front but not the channel number, (yes there are duplicates of the number on the front) you cannot track your vote. You need the channel # to verify your vote. Without all 3 pieces of information this system is not auditable and will be blamed on human error for failure on the delegate or party chair to ensure you captured all of the information. Unlike paper ballots which would have been one source of verification, you needed 3 to audit your vote. I have heard the same sentiment since Saturday from delegates. “ We feel disenfranchised by the GOP for this process and are disgusted by the blatant disregard of concerns from KBB”. We are not sure is we are going to follow with legal recourse as the blame will be placed on the delegates. We will keep you updated as we review more information as it comes in. Feel free to send information or feedback to

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This is why the corrupt parties need to be extinct-I hope this can be cleaned up.

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