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By Dexter You have all heard the allegations of voter fraud in the last 2020 election, which allegedly involved the electronic voting machines centered in Colorado and how Colorado's system is the "Gold Standard" of security that others should be using. While nothing has been "proven" or resolved, the issue of fraud remains and has been heating up more recently with the impending election just eight (8) months away. For those that have not followed the issue, the Mesa County Clerk, Tina Peters had questioned the integrity of the voting system, which was/is controlled by the Secretary of State, and took steps to insure Mesa County was secure and protected. Apparently the Secretary of State did not appreciate being challenged. As a result Ms. Peters has been indicted under alleged violation of State election laws, just very recently. Now, what is the background information that Mesa County was concerned about, and should WE be concerned? There have been some groups of people examining voter registration and data files and how they seem to produce "interesting" information, all from the States public files, which raises "questions", not allegations. On 10 Mar 2022, the Republican Women of Montezuma County hosted Ashe Epps (asheinamerica)and Jeff Young (datajeff), via ZOOM, to present on Colorado and Montezuma County voter registration data. The video is one hour long, posted without edit on the relevant portion. To view only the county portion, fast forward to the 35 minute mark, approximately. We have posted on YouTube at the following link. Personally, I recommend watching the full length, as it gives a good background for the local County information. Also as a note, Montezuma County, conducted an election Audit on the election, and the results were transmitted to Denver via the County System NOT via the electronic system in question. Colorado Voter Data - YouTube The speaker is Ashe Epps from and Data Jeff. They both “volunteer” or are associated with, the organization that is showing election integrity in Colorado/US. Anyone can go to to get Tina Peters' 1st and 2nd election report and also the canvassing report of Colorado.en, via ZOOM from a couple of the persons involved in the "search for truth", NOW! BIG ISSUE IN LEGISLATURE TODAY! SB22-153 "Internal Election Security Measures"!! This Bill was introduced on March 11th, was voted out of Committee on the 15th, is in Appropriations Committee, and scheduled for hearing this Friday, 18th. It is obviously being PUSHED through as "retribution" to Mesa County for questioning the integrity of the voting system the Secretary of State has set up. What does the Bill do? It is amending existing law enabling the Secretary to usurp total "control" over County government operations and persons regarding elections, under threat of criminal prosecution. Further, under Section 4, it REQUIRES the district court to "expedite" scheduling and issuance of orders.... under Section 5, where "alleging that a person charged with a duty under the election code has committed or is about to commit a breach or neglect of duty or other wrongful act." There is MUCH more, but simply put, GO READ the Bill SB22-153 at the General Assembly site then call and e-mail our Senator Don Coram 303-866-4884 and Representative Marc Catlin 303-866-2955 This Bill has NOTHING to do with Voting security and everything to do with the Secretary of State CONTROLLING the Counties and the Judicial system, all as retribution for one County questioning the Secretary of State and it's voting system.

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