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Rep. Ken Buck’s Dirty Swamp Deal

from RINO Watch


Rep. Ken Buck’s abrupt resignation is designed to do two things – screw grassroots Trump endorsed Rep. Lauren Boebert in her CD4 bid and ultimately screw Donald Trump. The UniParty/Establishment can’t beat Trump, so they are plotting, with Buck’s help here, to thwart Trump by filling Congress with anti-Trump RINOs.

The Plot

Buck’s selfish move creates chaos in the CD4 Republican primary. There are almost a dozen candidates in the race, but recent polls show Rep. Lauren Boebert leading by a significant margin. The anti-Trumpers can’t have that so enter the ultimate RINO Ken Buck. His resignation means CD4 voters will cast ballots in two elections on the June 25th primary day. First, they will now choose between one Democrat and one Republican candidate in a special election to temporarily fill Buck’s seat. They will also choose from the bigger field of candidates who will be the GOP primary winner to go to the November general election.

The Plot Thickens

Here’s where the plot thickens. The candidate for the special election will be appointed by CD4 GOP insiders from the district’s central committee. Boebert, who is the only Trumpendorsed America First candidate in the race would never win that group’s support and isn’t even going to try. Boebert issued a statement saying, “Ken Buck’s announcement was a gift to the Uniparty. The establishment concocted a swampy backroom deal to try to rig an election I’m winning by 25 points. Forcing an unnecessary Special Election on the same day as the Primary Election will confuse voters…” And that is their devious plan.

The Plot Shifts to DC

Many political observers believe the dirty deal gives the inside track to longtime CD4 RINO Jerry Sonnenberg. He’s a former Colorado lawmaker and was a willing pawn in the Democrats’ never-ending eZort to get rid of the Tabor Taxpayer Bill of Rights. (For more detail check out the RINOWatch article on Sonnenberg). The Establishment strategy is to appoint Sonnenberg as the Special Election sole candidate, make him the “incumbent” and voters will be more likely to cast their ballot for him in the general Primary Election. Since CD4 is reliably Republican, it is probable that RINO Sonnenberg would end up filling Buck’s seat and head to Washington DC to join the UniParty ranks in their eZorts to thwart Trump and the America First agenda.

A Suggestion

Here’s our suggestion to beat Buck at his own game. The CD4 vacancy committee should select a Special Election candidate who promises to NOT run in the general Primary Election.

Naming Names

Rest assured RINOs will be revealing themselves by who they support as we go through this process. We will keep you posted and name names.

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