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Reigniting Your Passion For Jesus

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When the storms come, we tend to focus on what hurts rather than Who heals.

It’s easy to become frustrated, disillusioned, and even depressed in the face of life’s trials and challenges. We lose sight of the fact that we are deeply loved by the Creator of the Universe and that we have been redeemed by Jesus Christ. Those joyous truths often become obscured when we get distracted with the busyness of life or enmeshed in sin, despair, or hopelessness. How can you keep the joy and freedom that are yours in Christ at the forefront of your mind, even during the grind of daily life? Join Jim Daly, John Fuller, and special guest Kim Meeder in “Reigniting Your Passion for Jesus,” a FREE series of nine short videos where they will discuss ways to deepen your faith and experience Christ-centered peace. Here are the titles of the episodes for each short video in the series:

  • Episode 1 – “Keeping Your Passion and Joy in Jesus Ignited”

  • Episode 2 – “Embracing the Truth of God’s Freedom”

  • Episode 3 – “Making the Jump Into God’s Loving Rescue”

  • Episode 4 – “Showing the Love of God—Why We’re Here”

  • Episode 5 – “Listening to the Spirit to Help Others Find Joy”

  • Episode 6 – “Accepting His Loving Invitation”

  • Episode 7 – “Choosing the Best, Rather than the Decoys”

  • Episode 8 – “A God Who Chooses the Broken”

  • Episode 9 – “Allowing Him to Work Through You”

We’re excited to share this resource with you to help stoke the flames of your faith. Let us know where to send your free 9-part video series “Reigniting Your Passion for Jesus” now:

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