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Polis' Anti-rural Appointee Charged With Animal Cruelty

Letter from Chairwoman | Colorado GOP March 15, 2022

Hello everyone -

Do you all remember Ellen Kessler? She was the radical Polis appointee to the Colorado Veterinary Board that ended up resigning after saying that our farmers and ranchers are "lazy" and "nasty" ?

Ironically, she is also a self proclaimed "animal rights activist."

Well that far-left animal rights activist who was appointed by Jared Polis to a board that is charged with overseeing the welfare of animals across Colorado was just CHARGED with committing 13 counts of animal cruelty.

It's clear that Governor Polis is tacitly standing by Kessler and her extreme views because he refuses to denounce her and her disgusting words and actions. We need a governor who will stand up and fight for rural Colorado, not appoint people who would commit animal cruelty.

Call Gov. Polis' office today and tell them that he needs to make a public statement apologizing for appointing such an inappropriate individual to the State Veterinary Board. Number: 303-866-2471 Email:

Thank you for standing up for what is right! Chairwoman | Colorado GOP

Ellen Kessler resigned in February after a leaked social media comment referring to Farmers and Ranchers as "Nasty and Lazy"

You can read the full story - Western Livestock Journal in the below link


March 14, 2022

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The video certainly proves Kessler is the ‘LAZY and NASTY’ person.

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