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Peace In This Chaotic World

By Sherry Simmons

There are only two groups of people on this earth, the saved and the unsaved. There is not a third group of people- the almost saved. Almighty God the Creator of all has given us a priceless gift. With all the chaos in the world, there is a place of peace and it is in the family of Almighty God. Have you ever wondered, what is my purpose, why am i here?

You are created by the one and only Holy God. He knew you before you were in the womb. He has designed you to be the unique person you are. He loves you with an everlasting love.

There is a battle going on, a battle for the souls. A spiritual battle unseen by human eyes. It has been going on since the dawn of man. It is a battle for you.

Our God who is Merciful, and Just will not force anyone to call upon him. Because He is Just he gives us all free will. Free will to choose him, free will to choose where you will spend eternity. He does not force anyone to come to him, He desires everyone to be added to his family. but he will never force anyone. There is a peace which is indescribable, a peace that passes all understanding. This peace is a spiritual gift you receive when you call upon the name of Jesus as your personal Savior. A peace that dwells inside you, that whispers to you all day long. You are loved you are secure you belong to the Almighty God. This peace, this wonderful peace drives you to continue to place one foot in front of the other and walk through this chaotic world, This peace which lives inside you lifts you up and carries you through valleys and storms.

God saw that mankind could never navigate this world towards Him. He knows our weaknesses and our flaws. He knows we live in a sinful nature.He knows our human side leads us down a path of self destruction. He knew we could never make it with out a Shepard.

So Our God sent his One and Only begotten Son, to lead us home. To take all of our sins our transgressions, our bad choices and wash us clean. To renew our souls and lead us home.

It is a free gift, and no, none of us deserve this, but God who is Love who wants to spend eternity with us, who wants none of his children to perish, has given His Son to die in our place. Jesus Christ the Holy lamb of God, died for you, he conquered death, rose on the third day and has gone to prepare our eternal home. He is coming back.

Its a free gift, it is given to all who will except it. Do you know Jesus? Have you called out to Almighty God? It is simple, pure and the greatest gift you will ever receive.

Jesus tells us in Bible to look for the signs of his return. We are living in the craziest times in history. It undeniable, there is something coming, something big something this world has never known. What ever it may be, what ever is coming, there is security and hope in our Lord. There is protection and mercy and the gift of eternal life. We will all see Jesus face to face, every knee will bow and every voice will profess He is Lord, King of Kings, the Son of Almighty God. There will be those who cry out then to Jesus but it will be too late. There are no second chances when he returns. Where are you in this, do you know Jesus as your Shepard, your Messiah, your saving grace?

It is simple, it is a free gift, it is available to all who will accept it. God loves you, he want to spend eternity with you, he waits for you to call out to him. Don't wait, don't let the whispers of satan tell you you aren't worthy, don't let thoughts drown out your need for him. Do not think you could not live up to this, none of us can, that is why Jesus came. God knows our hearts, our struggles, and he loves us in all we are....imperfect. sinners who fail daily., Jesus died for you yes YOU. Where will you be when your life here is over? Jesus loves you and he wants you to be in his eternal family.

If you are not sure if you'd like to talk. If you want to know more about this saving grace this gift please feel free to privately contact me, if i cant answer your questions we will find someone who can.

Don,t wait, each day we are one day closer to the end of this world and the beginning of eternity.

Something is coming, something big, something man has never experienced before. Be Ready.

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