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Patriot Amy Updates Republican Women on Election Integrity

The Republican Women of Montezuma County's September 8th meeting featured Patriot Amy as our Speaker on ZOOM. She is a blogger and her mission since 2020 became devoting herself to exposing election fraud. She was blessed to be offered a job with Cause of America, a non-profit organization focused on election integrity and enabling and supporting citizen grassroots action.

Amy started her presentation discussing Colorado's "gold standard", not of election security but of election FRAUD. She listed at least NINE areas (OUCH) where there is evidence of problems in Colorado's elections. That was discouraging. She also mentioned that she knew of only FOUR county clerks that are honest and open to looking at the systems. In her opinion, the rest of the clerks are either corrupt or "have their heads in the sand"

We need to be aware that the next push in Colorado will be "Rank Choice Voting" (ask Alaskans and Sarah Palin how well THAT works) and cell phone voting (oh, yeah, THAT will be secure). Both are very bad ideas that will make it even easier to cheat. Her claim was that EVERY aspect of our elections in this state has been corrupted. This was disheartening.

WHAT can we do? HOW can we fight ? Her recommendation: pick ONE category of fraud to focus on, learn all you can, then INFORM OTHERS.

Amy also reported on the Moment of Truth Summit by Mike Lindell that she was able to attend in August. One of the best parts for her was the Presentations of EVERY STATE on fraud in their elections. Every state made the claim that "We are the worse". So, there is corruption of elections in EVERY STATE in the country. Mike Lindell announced at this summit that he had purchased a company and all of it's DATA that has been confirmed to be legitimate evidence of election interference. Unfortunately, all this data has been sealed by a judge , and Mike is working on getting it unsealed.

Are you overwhelmed yet with all the data, evidence, presentations etc etc.?? I know I am.

The website has tons of information. You can read all the lawsuits that have been files in different states. You can listen to the each state presentation from the Summit.

Amy ended with some positive news from Colorado. A call for Cast Vote Records (CVR's) from the 2020 election and the 2021 Primary have been collected and saved from 62 of 64 counties in our state, including our Montezuma County. These CVR's are a good source for showing election tampering and manipulation of votes. Just don't ask me how, ask Jeff O'Donnell.

Everyone enjoyed this speaker, and found this topic very informative. Their is plenty more information to read on her website

The next RWMC meeting will be October 13. Our speaker will be Darin Gaub from Restore-Liberty.

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