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Lil Rookie Caden's NICU Journey

Please Follow this beautiful story of Gods Miracles and the precious gift of Caden.

We want to thank you all for your continued support! Caden and his parents remain in Grand Junction, where he is still under the care of St. Mary’s amazing NICU staff. Caden has been in the NICU for over two weeks, and as of today, has reached what would have been 31-weeks gestation. He is still very small for his gestational age, reaching exactly two pounds at last night's measurement, which is more than 50% smaller than the average 31-weeker. Despite his small size, Caden has had very limited setbacks in his journey, to this point. His little digestive system, naturally, is struggling to keep up with feedings, so the NICU staff has adjusted accordingly. Caden has also gone back and forth between breathing on his own, and breathing with the help of a CPAP unit, which we are told is completely normal and expected for a baby born as early and small as he was. Yesterday, his mother sent us an amazing photo of him lying next to a “Preemie” onesie, which gives a better idea of how small he is. He has a long way to go until he fits into it, but he will get there, eventually! The goal is for him to outgrow them before he can leave the NICU. #LittleRookieCaden

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