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From CD Media: "The Red Wave is Real"

opinion The Red Wave Is Real – It’s Just Being Slow-Rolled And Stolen – They Want You Demoralized by L Todd Wood November 12, 20220756 On election night I was forced to watch Fox News election coverage at a friend’s house. By the end of the night, I felt myself becoming angry, and demoralized. Then I realized this was the goal of the information operation I was being coerced to endure. With a little research by someone reading this article, there is plenty of evidence the elections were stolen in PA, MI, etc. As I’ve written before, there is no way a stroke victim with brain damage won a U.S. Senate seat. Just look at the vote dump data which is readily available from election integrity media sources to start. This morning we have the Associated Press, an instrument of cabal propaganda, calling races in Arizona with hundreds of thousands of Republican votes outstanding. This is criminal behavior. There are multiple goals of this information operation:

  1. Demoralize MAGA

  2. Create a media theater that shows MAGA whining about losing elections, when in fact they won massively (They couldn’t cheat enough to prevent us from taking the House).

  3. Prevent Trump from running because he is the only one they really fear

Fox News is part of the propaganda, just as they were in 2020. Don’t watch Fox. We recently held an event on the protection of children in Connecticut. ‘Progressives’ put signs out front that ‘Fox Rots Brains’. They are right! In tough times, the weak sink back into their basements and leaders emerge. We are still 70% of the country. Be a leader in your part of the world. Show strength. Resist the propaganda. As John Paul Jones said, “I have not yet begun to fight…”

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