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El Paso County Republican Chair to speak at Local January Luncheon

By Valerie Maez

On January 11, 2024 Vickie Tonkins will be speaking by ZOOM at the Republican

Women of Montezuma County monthly luncheon. The RWMC hosts their monthly

luncheons at noon at the Baymont Inn of Cortez. The Baymont Inn enjoys such an amazing

view of the Mesa Verde range from their wonderful conference room. Vickie Tonkins is

the current Chair of the El Paso County Republicans and will be speaking as a credible voice on some of the issues that are currently dividing the Republican Party in


In recent years active grassroots Republicans have been expressing and working

towards an effort to have those running for elected office as Republicans to vote

accordingly to the party platform principles rather than politics as usual. Some take

exception to that. This is at the heart of the division that has led to controversies within

the Colorado Republican party that has needed to be adjudicated by the Colorado

Republican State GOP’s executive committee in both El Paso County and Montezuma


While winning elections is the ultimate mission of any political party, a growing number

of grassroots Republicans feel how you win, and standing firm to what you say you

stand for is just as vital. Never has it been more important to be honest, transparent

and accountable for elected officials to our citizens who now, thanks to a media

controlled by corporate interests such as pharmaceutical and other special interest

groups, openly distrust the political process. At this point, who can blame them? Too

many lies, too many political hacks and not enough critical thinking throughout the


The Republican Women of Montezuma County always have a lovely lunch with their

meetings and the public is welcome to attend but reservations are needed to provide

an accurate number for meal preparation purposes. Please contact the RWMC at

Conservative Grounds located at 11 North Broadway or email before January 8 to reserve your seat at this luncheon.

A nominal fee to cover meal costs is assessed, but the

meal, the keynote speaker, and the warm friendly environment is well worth the cost.

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