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By Mike Lynch


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The machines I am talking about are the election machines, the electronic voting system, that are used in 60+ counties in Colorado, including Montezuma County. Yes, this is an article on election integrity.

I have read that none of the court cases alleging election fraud in the 2020 election were successful as of September 2022. Liberals claim that means there was no evidence of election fraud. There were actually tons of documents that were gathered for presentation in the trials but none of the trials were allowed to proceed far enough to present evidence for or evidence against election fraud. As I understand most, if not all, of the lawsuits were dismissed by the courts for lack of standing. Astonishingly, even the cases brought before the U.S. Supreme Court were dismissed. That means the cases were not heard by the courts. The evidence available was never reviewed or judged on its merits.

In Mesa Co. Colorado the Clerk and Recorder, Tina Peters, attempted to fulfill her statutory obligations to preserve electronic election records, 22 months by federal law and 25 months by Colorado law. Her efforts resulted in the Colorado Secretary of State (SOS), Gena Griswald, filing charges against her. You can hear her story by watching the documentary “Selection Code” which you can find on Mike Lindell’s website,

Her efforts included obtaining the services of cyber electronic expert consultants who produced 3 reports showing evidence of failures by the voting system vendor, Dominion Voting Systems, to properly retain all digital files such that they can be used to trace exactly how the ballot information was processed and saved. Additionally, because of the database evidence that was left intact, thousands of votes might have been changed because their traceability was destroyed by the Dominion software and the originally recorded intent of the voters was lost on those ballots.

There were 3 forensic reports produced by the cyber experts. They are titled Mesa County Colorado Voting Systems Report #1 …, and … Report #2 …, and … Report #3 … and can be found at,, and

The reports are long because they contain images backing up the claims they make. If you read the Executive Summary of each report, you will get the lowdown of their findings. It appears that federal and state laws were broken.

Why should this matter to citizens of Montezuma Co? Because the SOS instructed 60+ counties in Colorado to run the midterm elections the same way, using machines and software provided by Dominion. It is likely that the same laws were broken in the same manner in those other counties just as in Mesa County. Montezuma County uses Dominion machines. Montezuma County uses Dominion software. Montezuma County’s machines have Wifi and Bluetooth capability installed. 4 units have chips installed from Chengdu, China. The EMS server has a Remote Access Controller installed that apparently can be activated remotely from the internet if that server is in a building with Wifi internet in use, even if Co. Clerk and all of her staff have not connected any of the election equipment to the internet themselves. And it would have happened without being detectable, according to the expert consultant.

I have presented that information to the Board of County Commissioners during public comment March 15, March 22, March 29, and April 12. I presented info on our Dominion contract on April 19. I presented a CISA advisory from Homeland Security on June 7 listing machine vulnerabilities.

I hope the reader will take interest and search out what I have referenced here. This is not just a conservative issue; it is an American issue. If “We the people” are not getting our votes counted according to our intent as voted, then those 3 words are effectively stricken from our Constitution and replaced by the words “Whomever writes code for the election machines”.

I have no confidence and no trust in the electronic voting machines used in our county and in most counties in Colorado. The evidence of fraud continues to accumulate around the country. I feel certain that election fraud will not be found if we never go looking for it. But election fraud has been found, in swing states and other states. Those who found it have tried to publicize it but their voices are being silenced by big tech and by big media. The Colorado legislature passed SB 22-153 which makes it even harder to find and prove election fraud in Colorado. The Clerk and Recorder of Mesa Co. Colorado found fraud in her elections and she is being prosecuted (and persecuted)by our Secretary of State. And Mesa County is a county where Trump won!

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