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Colorado voters express optimism in state government, new poll shows

Say WHAT???? I don't think they called anyone in SW Colorado, do you? WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVES this poll? LKY

from: Colorado Politics

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Christian Murdock/The Gazette

  • by NICOLE C. BRAMBILA Feb 16, 2023 Updated Feb 17, 2023

  • A majority of Coloradans believe the state is headed, or mostly headed, in the right direction, signaling an increase in public optimism as Colorado emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, a new poll has found. With 53% of respondents saying that Colorado was definitely, or mostly, headed in the right direction, the survey captured a hopefulness not seen since before the lockdowns and masking, according to the Ready Colorado poll released Thursday. Last year, the poll found 44% of Coloradans held the same opinion. In 2019, half of Coloradans expressed such a bright outlook. Among the poll’s findings: • Despite chronic divisiveness among political parties, Gov. Jared Polis enjoys a favorable and somewhat favorable impression among 61% of voters — this marks his highest rating in the past three polls. • At 47%, the Colorado state legislature also enjoys its highest favorable and somewhat favorable impression among voters. That’s 13% higher than the last survey, when just 34% of voters held the same belief. • Homelessness was the highest-priority issue on voters’ minds with 17% of respondents saying the legislature should address it. Other top issues include crime (13%), government spending and taxes (13%), public education (12%) and inflation (11%). Ian Silverii, a Democratic insider and former executive director of ProgressNow Colorado, said he was not surprised by the poll results. “Colorado voters are highly educated and engaged,” Silverii said. Polis, Silverii said, is really popular and the legislature is extremely responsive to constituents. “Colorado is one of the most legislatively productive states in the country and I think that voters are pleased with that,” he said. The poll was the third in a statewide series, with previous polls in December 2019 and January 2022. Conducted by Ready Colorado from January 26-27 using phone interviews and text messages, the poll surveyed 540 Coloradans and has a margin of error of +/- 4.17%. Roughly 85% of the respondents said they were likely to vote in the November general election. Ready Colorado is a center-right education advocacy organization. Visit to read the full report.

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Nope, nobody polled us. We think Colorado has become garbage. I love Colorado. It had always been my favorite state. From what I hear polis's politics has ruined downtown Denver. Druggies laying all over the streets just like California, New York etc. With Denver being among the highest in carjackings. Right along with Albuquerque, etc. Great things to be proud of! They must be poling the homeless who chose that lifestyle and even get money for that choice. I flew several years ago and going through the baggage checkout line the man checking my bags asked me, "Colorado huh? What do you think about them legalizing marajuana?" I told him I thought it was garbage. Why encourage people to dum…

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