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Children Will Become The Privileged Or The Target

January 10, 2021

Raleigh Marmorstein-Cato is the counselor for the RE1 School District that works through BOCE and it is disturbing to know how she has been demonstrating Black Lives Matter well over a year now and she isn’t letting up. There Must Be Something Done About this! She is grooming our children to be gay, and to be racist through Face book. What is she doing behind the scenes, during school? This really should be looked into! I have attached the National Association of School Psychologists, Principles of professional Ethics. Raleigh is breaking the rules in many ways and is not being a responsible professional with her practices. I. RESPECTING THE DIGNITY AND RIGHTS OF ALL PERSONS School psychologists engage only in professional practices that maintain the dignity of all with whom they work.

Let’s look closely at the principals l.3, l.3.1, l.3.4 also lll.4.1and lll.4.2

On the Black Lives Matter website it states that BLM is a Global Network. It seems Raleigh the school counselor is being paid, ordering her soldiers on Main Street here in Cortez in her videos, don’t engage, we are halfway there, and we only have to stay another 15 min. Then while marching on Main where there are reports of her calling law enforcement on a regular basis. BLM states they are trying to gain local power. Then she is a witness in court in which she created, trying to prosecute someone of harassing her and her justice warriors, then committed perjury not once but twice.

She demonstrates her need to teach her personal beliefs of sexuality to children of all ages. She is supporting multiple groups, and using visual icons which are showing power and control. There’s video of her standing videoing a gal lying out in the middle of the road with suicidal actions. She is the licensed mental professional on the scene that should have been trying to talk to that person getting her out of harm’s way. Instead she is setting the stage while videoing it. And she is all about suicidal prevention? If we look at her FB page it is all about sexuality of the youth and tethering thoughts against beliefs of Christianity. Raleigh admits she is not Christian nor is she Episcopalian, but feels at home at St Barnabas Episcopal Church. She doesn’t hesitate to pit minority children against whites; sexualizes little kids to break them from Judeo- Christian notions of modesty, chastity and temperance; drives wedges between the authority of parents and the entitlement of children about the history and character of our nation, refining cultural ignorance and manufactured outrage into highly combustible street soldiers revolutionaries, the very ones burning down cities in the name of peace and demanding the removal of constitutional protections for speech, religion, and gun ownership in the name of liberty and equality. She is working on the division of students along racial lines, individuals are divided groups based on skin color, putting them through shame therapy which causes anxiety and depression which pushes suicide? This is all learned behavior; this is Big Peoples thinking, these only plants a seed in an innocent mind.

Now, that the Rainbow Club has been redirected and the CRT cannot be taught in the RE1 schools. It looks like the St Barnabas Episcopal church is going to try to support this group through the church; they are now selling and distributing hoodies and T-shirts with the school emblem with the rainbow colors. Raleigh stated (I want one and will buy a few for kids). This is bribing our kids to further her agenda. Does she have parental consent to be giving these shirts out to minors? The point being made here is, who is doing this, the very one that counsels our children in our schools on a daily basis.

It’s a challenging time in the most normal of circumstances. It would also seem predators wish to take advantage of this time. I use the word predators for it fits a broad spectrum of dangerous agendas. BLM organizers are affiliated with our educational system, they affirm and are active in gender x and transgender children. They support and are actively seeking to control the curriculum in the schools, including sex education in elementary schools the removal of American history, and gender is a subject to feelings.

Do you know one main goal is to dismantle the American family? They state it is painful but necessary; they are sadly pawns and props for the true intended goal of divisive Dismantling and destroying America one town at a time.

The children will become the privileged or the targeted. Demonizing our Families with Fathers, Straight People, Merit, Religion/ Believe in God. Equity is replacing Equality! It seems she is bent on turning students into utilitarian wards of the state, socially, emotionally, and sociologically programmed to promote and zealously demand on social justice transformation of the United States that will erase our history, compromise our liberty, reject free markets, and replace our constitutional republic with a socialist welfare state.

This is about our children and our future. She has to Go!


Mindy Nelsen

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