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A School Psychologist

School Psychologist Raleigh Cato (Marmorstein) and Black Lives Matter Leader, Marches on Main street Cortez, Co.

By Lynnette Ward

January 10, 2021

A school psychologist uses their training in psychology and knowledge of child development to assess difficulties that children are having in their learning. They're responsible for working with school staff and the parents. Any direct work done with the child, is done with the full consent of the child's parents, (reinforcement of the family structure). Children that are born with a condition that means they have learning difficulties, sometimes educationally challenged, these are the most impressionable population. Psychologists are to carry out these duties in a professional, ethical, and trustworthy manner, while assuming appropriate roles as adult model, behavior manager and educator.

The parents MUST be able to trust them because of the devastating mental damage they're capable of causing.

Principle I.3. Fairness and Justice In their words and actions, school psychologists promote fairness and justice. They use their expertise to cultivate school climates that are safe and welcoming to all persons regardless of actual or perceived characteristics, including race, ethnicity, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, immigration status, socioeconomic status, primary language, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression.

For these reasons and the facts below are why we want the resignation or termination of Rayleigh Cato (Marmorstein). On multiple occasions she has publicly demonstrated her unethical and neglectful behavior that promotes a harmful and unsafe environment.

She publicly and proudly admits that she is the local BLM leader of a non black community. She demonstrates daily her hate for people of a certain color, a huge red flag in psychology. Because of her actions and statements it clearly shows that she's incapable of providing every child with fair, quality care. Her public attacks on the parents of these children because of their different beliefs is unacceptable. I have personally observed her exaggerations of facts, and her ability to twist the truth to fit her narrative. This is not trustworthy behavior, causing an unhealthy professional relationship with parents.

She has proudly declared her attachment to a cult like organization CIVS, (children's international summer villages). If this is a reputable organization, this is an unacceptable mental manipulation. She has always referred to her followers as her "peace warriors", this is also a cult like behavior being demonstrated by a cult leader.

I strongly believe, because of her unhealthy push of CRT ideologies, she could possibly cause irreversible damage. CRT is full of deadly ideologies. One being the most dangerous, is suicide ideology. It implants the thought of suicide and continuously reminds them of this idea until it's embedded into the brain until it actually becomes an option. It is then programmed so deeply that it automatically becomes the first option of solving a problem. Unfortunately there's children acting on this, and we are losing our children. The second one is sexuality which is re- enforcing the first one. This happens by programming them to think that they're "unloved and unaccepted". Mrs. Cato openly demonstrates her need to teach her personal beliefs of sexuality on children of all ages. Avoiding the full parent consent of the parent has to be priority. She avoids this by making it a public demonstration, supporting several LGBTQ founded groups, and using visual icons. She publicly buys Pride shirts for children, this could be construed as bribery or persuasion both of which is an abuse of power and control.

On 10/31/2020 her complete disregard for the value of human safety was heart-wrenching. One of her marchers was laying in active traffic, while she made "NO" attempt to get them to safety. The attached video is 34 seconds. You will see her just standing there, taking a video. She patiently waited for the very people she wants to de-fund to do the job that she was most qualified to do, since this person was suicidal. I wonder if this is the same effort she would make when caring for our children?

In my journey to obtain your contact information, I have been brutally attacked by her husband as well. This makes me ponder, how stable and healthy her personal life is also. With the mental anguish he inflicted on a parent for asking, "if she was capable of giving fair care to all children", is just proof of how hate and violence radiates from all aspects of her life and teachings. This is the biggest red flag, triggering fear for our children's safety.

Mrs. Cato is known as a representative of our schools. Her radical public behavior is potentially putting an unethical stigma on our district, this alone is unforgivable. However she's in direct violation of multiple ethical codes of the NASP, ACA, APA, CSSP, and the school policies that should call for her immediate termination. I have attached a picture of her and her peace warriors mocking the code of ethics that she is required to represent. Mrs. Cato has already deeply affected the trust that we parents have in BOCES. Her disgraceful public displays are destroying the very integrity of your organization and it's many wonderful programs.

I have also attached 2 very untrue and harsh personal attacks on a parent of one of her students. This has permanently caused irreversible damage to any working relationship between them. Once again, the parents MUST be able to trust them, and feel safe when working with the psychologist. She's making it a huge habit of lashing out at all community members. She has falsified charges and purged herself in court to protect her "peace warriors." I appreciate your time because I know that you have huge tasks that you are responsible for everyday, however I do feel this issue has to be dealt with immediately.

(Editors note: not all photos have been published due to inappropriate language)

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