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A Review of the High School Production of "Hello Dolly"

Photos by Nicholas Sandner

By Lori York 

I was smiling and dancing when I left the Saturday matinee High School production of “Hello Dolly”.  I had so much fun. I started smiling at the beginning of the overture and never stopped till I got back to my car.

I must admit that I love musicals. I was very involved in them during my long, long-ago High School years, and Hello Dolly was one of my favorites. So, I knew all the songs and many of the lines and had a hard time not singing out loud along with the chorus.

The cast was well-picked.  Emmie Beckler (Dolly) has a beautiful voice and projected the “Dolly attitude” very well.  Chandler Snyder (Horace Vandergelder) also has an amazing voice and was an excellent Horace.  I absolutely loved Xander Bennetts as Cornelius Hackl. He was exactly what I expected Cornelius to be, and watching him stay in character, even when dancing with the “chorus” was so charming.  Carter Tanner (Barnaby), Maecyn White (Minnie Fay) and Lily Sandner (Irene Malloy) were all superb in their parts, totally believable in their characters and fun to watch.

Even the sets were well-done, and I loved the way the cast was able to change the scene as we watched.

What else did I love??

The HORSE pulling the carriage! I never expected that!

The way the TRAIN to Yonkers was presented, and the passengers in the windows! 

The COSTUMES were terrific.  Dolly’s beautiful dresses were made by Emmie's Mom (Thank you Mom!)

Even the PARADE in Yonkers had extra details added that were a surprise and enjoyable to see.

The diners to the sides of the stage during the Harmonia Gardens scene were unexpected and a pleasant addition as we could easily hear them singing all around us.

AND “It Only Takes a Moment” brought tears to my eyes. So well done.

CONGRATULATIONS to the High School Drama team and the community participants for a wonderful production!

“Hello Dolly” will be presented 3 more times: on March 15 & 16 at 7 pm. And March 16 at 2 pm.  Don’t miss it!

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